Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Kindred Spirit Friend, Heather's Pressie

Yesterday the mail lady arrived at my door with a big box. H'mmmmmmmmmmm I said, I had not ordered anything so I thought to myself who could this be from?? Soooo I quickly brought it inside to have a look at where this mystery box had arrived from. Of My Goodness I said, It is from my "New Kindred Spirit Friend" Heather in SK, Canada. I quickly open it and I was sooooooooooooo humbled to see this beautiful "Pink Frou Frou Rose Tote". This was the one Heather has been showing progress photos of on her "A Cherish Life" blog. Little did I know it was going to be for me. vbg Every section of this tote is special. My friend know how much I love pink roses and you can see many different fabrics of pink roses. This tote construction is very creative. I could of never created a tote like this.
This photo shows an up close of the "Kindred Spirit Silkie" of Anne of Green Gable and Diana walking across a field of wildflowers. I sent this card to Heather at Christmastime and she made it into a silkie for this tote. Wasn't this such a lovely idea? The silkie is embellished with pink french knots for wee flowers along with flowing pink ribbon attached with two wee pink rosettes in the corners. Also Heather hand dyed the pink lace that is covering the sky area. There is lots of beads and vintage buttons and "One Heart" with another wee flower in the center. Truly lovely. The other side of the tote is just as pretty as the other. Another bigger "Pink Heart" with a rose. This one has a pocket to store things in. Up at the top is a chain to attach my keys to soooo I do not lose them while I am shopping away to fill up my new "Pink Frou Frou Rose Tote!! LOL The inside also has lovely swirling pink fabric with two very large pockets. I can seeing me filling this tote up to the brim while shopping at Paducah in April. LOL Isn't the ruffled pink edge around the top so feminine and pretty. I just love all the beautiful rose and coordinating fabrics. They all look so wonderful together.

This photo shows an up close of the lovely rose lace used on both sides and the ruffled insert is also very pretty. Sooo many wonderful touches to this "Pink Rose Frou Frou Tote.

I also received a lovely card that says, "Thinking Of You".. with flowering Magnolia Tree in full bloom with Black-Capped Chickadee on it branches. I am sure they are singing Happy Birthday to me. VBG

On the back of this Canadian Wildlife Fund card it says, "Friends are Flowers in the Garden Of Life! Now this sounds like a familiar saying. vbg The chickadees and this saying is perforated and tears off to be a bookmark. How great is this?

And then there was more. Heather mention some time ago about making a wild rice dish for her sweetie. My sweetie also loves eating rice so I asked for the recipe. I did not find any wild rice so Heather sent some Wild Rice and the recipe too. I also received a magnet that says, "Gardening Forever, housework whenever!! LOL Yup, I can relate allot to this.
I also received a very lovely delicate carved wood "Eden Angel" prayer. It says, "Prayer must be spoken from the heart, in selflessness and humility, knowing that it will be answered in ways we may not see, in time we may not recognize".
I truly feel, our unusual meeting was meant to be. Heather's friendship has warm my heart and brightens my everyday. Thank you Heather for your very generous gift and kindness. I will treasure them forever.



Heather said...

Happy Birthday again Judy.... I am soooo pleased you like your gift.... you are a very special person as is evident by all the people who have nothing but kind things to say about you.... you brighten up many a person's days!


Solstitches said...

Oh Judy,
What an amazing gift Heather made for you! This tote is so very special - a real one off.
I love the colour, the idea of the picture on the postcard being turned into fabric and well.....just everything really :)
I will go to Heather's blog to see more on how the bag was constructed.
It's beautiful - a very special bag for a very special lady ;)

Miss 376 said...

What an absolutely gorgeous gift and how lovely to personalise it with the postcard silkie. Beautiful

Kel said...

What a treasure!!

Maureen said...

What a beautiful gift Judy, I'm sure you'll use it well and treasure it.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Heather, Again thank you for the very lovely Pink Rose Frou Frou Tote. It is very beautiful and I will treasure it forever. Hugs Judy

Hello Margaret, Yes, this tote is definitely one of a kind. Heather does lovely work and so do you. I have seen some very lovely bags you have made too. Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes. Hugs Judy

Hello Jane thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave a message. Yup the tote is beautiful and the silkie is very special which truly gives it a personal touch. Hugs Judy

Hello Kel, Thanks for visiting my blog for the first time and taking the time to leave a message for me to read. Much appreciated. I agree the tote is a real treasure. Hugs Judy

hello Maureen, Thanks for visting. Yes Heather gifts are truly beautiful and I will treasure them forever. Hugs Judy

Cathy K said...

Judy, you lucky gal! A treasure from a treasured friend! The tote is so lovely, especially in light of all Heather's personalizations that speak to your mutual love and frienship. And you deserve it, my friend! Love and hugs to BOTH of you!! Cathy

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Cathy, Yes you are right a real treasure from a very treasure friend and Thanks for visiting Cathy you are a treasured friend too. Hugs Judy

TattingChic said...

Oh, that is so precious! I had been watching Heather's progress with this on her blog so it is fun to see who it went to! It is just gorgeous Lucky YOU!!! That is such a sweet touch that she added the wild rice and the recipe. That Heather is a doll.

Oh, the work in your next post about the wild life stitching is just amazing! It was cool to see the progress! :)

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