Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beautiful Hand Dyed Threads

Today I received a two wee packages in the mail. The first one I torn open was the one with all these very lovely handed dyed threads. I bought them from "Lady Shuttle Maker" etsy shop from Boise Idaho.

Now why would I buy tatting threads when I do not tat? LOL. Well, I could not resist them when I saw all these lovely hand dyed colors. I bought several different sizes so I could determine which ones would be best to use in embroidery. After looking at them now I can easily see using them all in my embroidery projects. Isn't all these colors just yummie looking? The Lady Shuttle Maker calls them such dreamy names too.

From the top to bottom they are called, Hydrangea (size 10) Coral Rose ( size 60) Raspberry Mousse, Peach Pandora in (size 20) These threads are all 100% Pure Silk. The next set of threads are Size 80 DMC 6 cord threads. Autumn Medley, Old Saint Nick and Sue Hanson. I love them all. I really need to learn tatting because I think tatting motif would look so very lovely on my crazy projects. Maybe this will motivate me to get moving on this challenge.vbg

Oh, yes my next package was some more lovely beads that I bought from the "T&T Trading Co" in Grand Ledge Michigan. At the bottom of the photo are some Zuni Bears that I really like allot. The very small blue beads are called Italian Chevron Beads which I was told they to not make anymore. The pinks beads are truly beautiful. They have itched roses on them and they will definitely go on The Crazy Quilt Of My Dreams which is still in progress.

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Heather said...

You bet they are "yummie" - I love them all.... I will have to check out her place.

And the beads are adorable!

Isn't it wonderful to have the internet where we can shop for things, from the comfort of our own home, that we can't get locally. VBG


Miss 376 said...

What beautiful thread. I might have to go and have a look, there is nowhere here where I can get gorgeous threads like that

TattingChic said...

Oh, don't ya just love Lady Shuttle Maker's beautiful HDT's!?! You've purchased some beauties! The beads are lovely, too! I can't wait to see what you do with them! :)

Anonymous said...

What fabulous goodies you ordered. I can understand why you ripped into both packages!

Rosie said...

Have to go and check out the thread lady, those are fabulous colours.

Maureen said...

A lovely colourful assortment, you'll enjoy using them.

Pennie said...

Howdy Judy--

I always enjoy visiting your site so much! Such warm, pretty colors in your mail.
Keep up the inspiring work; I've shared your site with another friend, after trying miserably to explain to her about all the beautiful art that you create. I finally gave up and just shared with her your blog address lol :D

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Heather, I agree those threads are gorgeous. And it is true what would we do without the internet and wonderful blogs to read.

Jane, LadyShuttleMaker website has lots of goodie to look at I reckon you will fall in love with something. VBG

Tatting Chic, I llearned the HDT means Hand Dyed Threads from your site. Thanks

Rosie, I hope you found something you like at the website.

Maureen. I have already used the threads and love them.

Hello Pennie, Thank you for all your very lovely comments about my creations. Much appreicated. Do you have a website??? Hugs Judy

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Susan, Thanks for visiting my blog and yes it is sooo much fun to open packages of goodies. VBG

umintsuru said...

Aren't they just lovely Judy. I hope you will try some tatting. These HDTs will give you many hours of enjoyment. I have a whole bunch too. Sherry has a great eye for colour.

Pennie said...

Unfortunately, no website for me.
The kids have been at me to create one, but I hardly seem to find the time to READ all the wonderful blogs out there, let alone post one! lol

You are an inspiration!

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