Monday, January 12, 2009

The Power of the Internet, "Kindred Spirits"

I would like to share with you all a story of how two ladies living in different countries became to know each through an article called "Reader's Stories, Year of the Country" in the Australian, Inspirations Magazine. I had recently started buying this magazine because it became available at our local JoAnn's store. I was reading issue number 59 The Pretty Issue, last August when I came upon the article Heather had submitted about her life in the "bush" of Northern Canada which is very unlike the "bush" of Australia.

The above photo is of the article that Heather wrote about her life in Northern Canada. I read it several times because I could relate to it in so many ways. Several days after I read this article, I just knew in my heart I needed to send Heather a message to tell her how much I enjoyed reading her website "Thistleworks Designs". Heather's website is truly very inspirational. I was not sure if I would hear back from Heather but I should of not doubted this because I received the most wonderful message back very quickly. Heathers article also brought back wonderful memories of my life living in Fairbanks and as a bush school nurse.

This photo is of me as a volunteer for the Yukon Quest with a local woman musher. The Yukon Quest is a 1000 mile dog sled race from Fairbanks Alaska to Whitehorse Yukon, Canada. My volunteer job was to go around to each musher in the race and assure that they had booties for all their dog's paws.

This photo is of my CPR class of ladies who also lived in the far "Northern Bush" of Alaska. Every week from September to May I flew out to 10 Athabascan's Indian Villages to take care of children. I remember a patient of mine saying to me before I left for Alaska that she thought flying out into the bush of Alaska would be like living on the "Edge" of life. I loved every minute of it.
During the Christmas holiday Heather sent me a copy of the Northroots Magazine in which she is the "Graphic Artist". In this issue she illustrated a couple of photos of life in Northern Canada.

Heather also wrote an article called, "An Icy Predicament"which told the story of Heather's involvement with the rescue of the injury Pelican on the lake where they live. I truly admired all the efforts everyone made in rescuing the injured Pelican. Heather is a qualified "Wildlife Rehabber" and cared for the Pelican until the Conversation Officer came to take it to a Veterinarian College in Saskatoon. I have always had a great admiration for wildlife so this story really touch my heart.

During the past 5 months Heather and I have gotten to know each other more and it seems we are always discovering more that we have in common with each other. I feel we have become "Kindred Spirits" in the true since of the word. During the Christmas holiday Heather decided to start a new blog, called
"The Cherished Life". I hope you all will have a look at Heather's new blog. She is a very creative person and I am sure you all will enjoy reading all her postings.

Hugs Judy


Maureen said...

Another lovely story Judy

Rosie said...

Judy that's wonderful. I met my best friend through a yahoo group, she lives in Manitoba and John and I have been to stay with her and her husband on their beef farm. We talk almost every day on MSN and with out the internet I would never have had this wonderful friendship.
Rosie x

Solstitches said...

Judy, you are such a sweet lady I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to be your friend.
This is a lovely story of how you met Heather. Some things are just meant to be :)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Margaret, you are a sweetie too. thanks for visiting I always enjoy your visits and your nice comments. Hugs Judy

Hi Rosie, I agree the internet is a fantastic way of meeting some very lovely peole. Lucky you was able to me your good friend in Canada. Maybe oneday I will get to meet Heather too.

Hello Maureen, Thanks for your visit and leaving your nice comment. They are always great to read. Hugs Judy

Art4Sol said...

What a wonderful story, Judy. Yes, the web has brought so many of together....I've been enjoying the friendships I've made.

maggi said...

What a lovely story - the true ones are always the best. Thank you for sharing.

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