Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to Family and Friends

In another 5 days we "Americans" will be celebrating our Thanksgiving Day Holiday. There are many reason why "My Sweetie and I" are thankful during this holiday season and everyday.

(1) We give thanks for the pleasure of gathering with family and friends.
(2) I am very thankful for the love I share with "My Sweetie" Bill and our Children and Grandchildren.
(3) We are thankful for our Good Health, Security, Shelter but most of all for the "Love" WE have for one another.
(4) I am Very Thankful for all "My Blogging Friends" and other "Dear Friends" around the world.
(5) I am also Very Thankful for My Dear SIS Lyn who lives in Melbourne Australia. Lyn has been so very supportive of me through many Happy and Sad times. Love You Lyn.

(5) We give thanks for "Life" and the "Freedom" to enjoy it all.
(6) We are also "Forever Thankful" for our Service Men and Woman who have given their lives and to those who are still in harms way everyday.
(7) We are especially "Very Proud" or "Our Grandson Tom" now serving his Country in Iraq. TOM WE LOVE YOU!! Know we think about you everyday.
(8) We wish all our service men and woman a Very Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Love Bill and Judy


Maureen said...

I wish you and Bill a very happy 'Thanksgiving' Judy. Your post makes me think of all I have to be thankful for despite the rough times - thank you.

Lyn, Melbourne, Australia said...

Judy what a lovely tradition Thanksgiving is, I had never thought of it from this perspective, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving out here, I think it is nice to give thanks for so many things. Judy I treasure the sistership you and I have and I love you, I am Thankful for your place in my life
hugs Lyn in Melbourne AU

Miss Nancy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Judy, to you and yours! Love your blog, and I am thankfull for all you share!

sparkle jars said...

You have a remarkable grandson! :-)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Sis, Gayle, and Nancy. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for stopping by my blog and leaving my such lovely words to read. Hugs Judy

Deepa said...

Belated Thanksgiving wishes,Judy!!
u have a handsome grandson ;)
How's life going on?

deepa said...

pls consider the word "belated" crossed out :)

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