Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Sweetie's Surprise Birthday Party

For the last several months I have been very busy planning a surprise birthday party for "My Sweetie". He has been constantly reminded for the last year by oodles of mail he has received that this year he will be "65 years Old"!!! So I thought this would be a good year to make his birthday very special for him. I had the help of his daughter Robin and DIL Ann. Everyone arrived at the same time and as they pulled into the driveway while we were sitting in the living room he said, we have company what have you been up too??? LOL I could hardly believe that we truly surprised Bill. Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
This photo is of "My Sweetie" with his grandson Brett sitting beside him. Bill's daughter Robin brought the lovely balloons, "Gold" ones for supposedly the golden years, "Black" ones for "Over The Hill"!!! and a big smiley face too. In My Humble Opinion I do not think "My Sweetie" looks anywhere near "65" years old in fact I think he looks fantastic for being "65" years old.

My DH is a "Chevy" man and hence he got a new Chevy Hat and T-Shirt.

I had a very special cake made for my Sweetie. Our local Sweet Traditions make the most outrageous yummy cakes and candies that is out of this world. This was a lemon cake with lemon cream between the layers with butter cream frosting and burgundy roses.

Robin gave us these three wood bowl Mushrooms for in our garden. They were so unique. I loved them. They will be proudly displayed next summer in our front yard. We had 17 family members come and I made a good old fashion traditional baked Ham dinner. Everyone brought something to eat so everyone had plenty to eat. It sorta felt like an early Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration. VBG My Sweetie was so very Happy with His Surprised Birthday Party. Bill truly loves having his family around him and he enjoyed every minute of his special day. I hope I have many, many many years of being with this wonderful man and having family gatherings together.
We are off for a day trip to Lansing this weekend to attend a Christmas Fiber Festival and do a bit of shopping. We love going on day trips together because it gives us quality time to chat with each other and visit the beautiful countryside of Western Michigan. I bought "My Sweetie" a Tom Tom GPS that talks to him to let him know what directions we should drive to get to our destination. It also tells him when he goes more that 3 miles over the speed limit. VBG When this happen for the first time he told me, OH Dear Now I have TWO woman tell me what to do and where to go!!! LOL I love it. LOL So I will have some wonderful photos of the Fiber Festival next week.
I hope that life will slow down a bit now so I can get back to visiting my favorite blogs and chatting with everyone.
Hugs Judy


Maureen said...

Glad you all had such a good day, the cake looks delicious. Have a good weekend. Tell Bill we call our GPS lady - Martha (the mouth)!!

Genie said...

Happy Birthday wishes from Devon
Look forward to seeing Fibre Fest Pics soon
Have a great weekend

Tricks said...

A very Happy Birthday Bill, what a lucky man you are to have such a thoughtful loving family. What a lovely cake too, it did look yummy. Well done you for keeping it a big secret. Not an easy thing sometimes. Enjoy your fibre outing. BW Triciax

Anonymous said...

Wow, 17 family members! That was quite a gathering for the big birthday bash! Happy birthday! Those mushrooms are so cute!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Maureen, Genie, Tricia, and Susan. I sent on all your birthday wishes to Bill. They made him smile. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Hugs Judy

Jane said...

Happy Bealated Birthday Bill! Wishing you many, many more!!!

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