Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wool Felted Post Card: "Edelweiss"

I enjoyed creating "Windswept Alpine Flowers" so much I decided to create another wool felted post card with a Bavaria theme. This one I will called "Edelweiss", my very favorite Alpine Flower made famous by the musical called, "The Sound Of Music". I started again with a 100% green wool felt bat for the post card foundation. Then I added the blue wool for the sky, gray for the Bavaria Alps, hand dyed green curls for the alpine slope. I also used white curls for the alpine glacier.

Then I started adding the "Edelweiss" flowers along the Bavarian Slope. I again embroidery around the Bavarian define their grandeur with gray metallic thread. I added lots of beads along with Angelina fibers to give the glacier that wonderful sparkle to the snow.

In this view I added rocks to the Alpine slopes and added moss around their edges with clumps of leaves. I also added some purple Crocus that also dot the Mt. slopes. I also included a Alpine Mt. Bavaria house snugged in between the mountain and the green slopes. This button was made by local artists in the village of Garmisch. I brought home many of these lovely buttons.

For the finishing touch I framed the post card with 100% wool yard which I button hole stitched on with 100% wool thread. And this is the finished 100% wool felted post card called, "Edelweiss"!!

I can close my eyes and clearly picture a kaleidoscope of impressions of the Bavarian Alps that I will never forget. A few of these unforgettable impressions are, alpine villages nestled in the valley between the the mountains, shepherds minding their flocks of sheep on the green pastures, alpine lakes fed by the glaciers giving them the most awesome turquoise color, the sounds of bells ringing through the mountain valleys that are attached to the cows where they do not get lost, endless splendid views of the snow-capped mountains. There is just endless view of natural beauty that will always make me smile when I think of them.

Thanks for sharing my memories of the Bavarian Alps. I wish everyone could experience them. Hugs Judy


Miss 376 said...

It was lovely to see the step by step development of this card. It's beautiful.

I have an award for you on my blog

Jacq said...

Judy, I love your Bavarian postcard. Southern Germany is a very favorite place. Thank you for the tutorial.
Hugs to you. Jacq

Tricks said...

Yes Judy, your step by step is really good here. It is also good to work in layers, especially with the landscape as subject. I also usually start with the background and work forward just as you would if you were painting. Beautiful Postcard Judy thanks for sharing. Tricia

cq4fun said...

Love the new banner at the top. Lets me know I haven't been by in longer than I thought! Time just keeps flying by. It looks like you are getting a lot of joy out of your felting!

I especially liked the windswept flowers. It looks almost like a Monet painting. =)

Maureen said...

Love the post card, reminds me of holidays in Austria in my 'youth'.

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