Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Windswept Alpine Flowers Post Card

I have been working on a wool felted post card for the last several weeks. I finally finished it today. I thought I would show you all the steps I took to get to the finished Wool felted Post Card which was embellished with Silk Ribbon Embroidery and Beading. The first step was to get out a wool felted bat for the base of the post card. Because the post card is only 4 inches by 6 inches I got out my clover wool felting tools instead of using my Embellisher. I then selected some lovely wool roving from my stash.
Then the fun began. I used white wool curls to create the glaciers coming down the Alpine Mt.

Then I used hand dyed green wool curls to create the grassy alpine slope. I added wee gold wool felted spots on the meadow slope that would represent some of the Alpine Flowers.
Then I started adding some beads on the glacier to make it sparkle. I also outline the Alpine Mt. with metallic threads and added some bead flowers to the meadow. I wanted the Alpine flowers to have a bit of dimension so I added a wee bit of wool batting before creating the hand dyed gold Silk ribbon Embroidery Alpine Flowers

This photos shows that I added more wool felted gold flowers. I decided to add beads to the center of them all. I also added a lot more beads to the Alpine Glacier because I really wanted it to sparkle more. I also used Angelina Crystal Amethyst to give a real look of snow sparkling on a sunny day in the Alps.

I used a wool yarn to button hole stitch around the post card. And here is my finished "Windswept Alpines Flowers" wool felted post card. I hope you all give wool felting a try. It is fun and easy. "Windswept Alpine Flowers" reminds me of the beautiful Austrian Alps I visited at Easter time while I was living in Germany. I think I will keep this post card for memory sakes. Hugs Judy


Miss 376 said...

I like embroidery on wool felt, and this is a beautiful postcard. Maybe one of these days, I'll get to try for myself. Another thing to add to the list

Noel said...

Hi Judy, it's been so long since I last visited...I love your felted postcard and thanks for the directions on how you did it..... makes me think of "The Sound of Music"!!!
Sorry, I missed your give away, and congratulations on your one year blog anniversary!!


Maureen said...

That's a lovely picture, looks like we were both spending on similiar things, me friday and you saturday.

art spirit said...

Beautiful, Judy! And I love that you showed us how it was created!

Micki said...

Beautiful postcard. Thanks for sharing with us how you made it.

Ati. Norway. said...

Judy your Alpine postcard is lovely! I can almost feel the breeze as the flowers bend :)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Everyone, Thanks soo much for stopping by my blog and saying HI and leaving such lovely comments about my wool felted PC. Much appreciated. Hugs Judy

sparkle jars said...

This is extraordinary! :-)

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. There is always a ray of color, I like colors.

Anonymous said...


The felted post card is absolutely beautiful. Love your work.


Maggie R said...

A beautiful postcard indeed....You are an inspiration.. Thanks for the tutorial..

quilter said...

Goodmorning Judy, I have been trying to send you a email for the last few days but it keeps returning, is your mailbox full? Love, Inge

Deepa said...

beautiful !!
How did you stitch the edges of the postcard? I noticed that you've done the same to Provence also.

Deepa said...

Dear Judy,
I've tagged you for a game of unspectacular quirks. Have you already played it?

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Gayle, Deepa, Inge, Maggie, Cora, and Jeanne thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments. Much appreicated. Hugs Judy

Jane said...

Very nice to show how this is done as I had no clue.. I can see that this would be very fun to to and as you said.. very enjoyable to see the outcome.. This particular scene turned out beautiful, Judy! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Judy love your blog again. Love all the your fall ideas. I realy like the little pumpkins. I think you should sell them. I will purchase the first one.

Happy Autumn to you too.
your friend Cora

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