Sunday, June 1, 2008

Garden Delight Penny Rug and Spring Blooms and Health

Oh, How I love Spring especially when my gardens come forth with its lovely blooms. The bottom photo is of my Azalea which I planted last Autumn and it is bursting with many lovely pink blooms. My Rhody seems to be struggling a bit this year but still its flowers are so very pretty. My pride and joy is my Snow Ball Bush. I bought it at a end of season special and unfortunately it had been badly neglected. I bought it knowing with some TLC it would be OK. This is now its third Spring and its blooms are very grand. I have planted in front of one of my sewing room windows where I sat to sew. I am hoping it will grow so big one day that it will provide a lovely scene when I am sewing.

I recently read in a book that said, Modern scientific research shows that sounds, colors and aromas of nature each have a unique frequency or vibration which, enters our brains, affects us "Emotionally, Mentally and even Physiologically". With this in mind, we may begin to pro-actively choose for our gardens those colors, aromas and sounds that will positively enhance our "Health and Attitudes". I believe this is true. I know when I walk through my gardens my heart feels very happy and at peace. Just glancing at a bloom brings a big smile to my face.

I enjoy all kinds of stitching and the tops photos are of a Garden Delight Penny Rug with flowers, blueberries and dragonflies. I have added a bit of batting under some of the flowers to make it look more dimensional. This pattern is by Pat Sloan and Co. Today is Sunday June 1st and it is a beautiful sunny day here in Western Michigan. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Hugs Judy


Paul Sears Photography said...

Wonderful pictures from your garden! I wish I had any knack whatsoever for gardening, because in my opinion nothing beats walking through a garden on a nice warm day. My wife and I went to a big public garden over the weekend, and it was just wonderful!

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

Always enjoy visiting your blog, Judy. You seem to find time to do all the things I would like to try and never find the time myself -- so I enjoy it through you.

I love your penny rug --- these have been on my "to do" list for ages --- still haven't done one, so truly enjoy seeing yours. Maybe one day :-)

Thanks for an always delightful blog.


LynnS said...

Your rug is so beautiful! I especially like the colors. I've not made a penny rug, but it's on "my list" to do some day.

Glad to find another blogger who is also a gardener!Learning about your Snowball Bush reminds me of mine that I planted 20 years ago: A ball of dirt surrounding a little clump of bare sticks that grew up to be a very tall beauty! LOL I always look forward to late May each year so I can enjoy those large blooms. Mine is about 10 feet tall now!

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