Sunday, June 22, 2008

Antique Embroidery Block Quilt and Freezer Jam

The above block shows the name of the lady who made this beautiful antique embroidery quilt and where she lived. I have done a wee bit of research on her name but could never come up with any further information about the maker of this beautiful embroidery quilt. Maybe someone out there in blogging land knows the history of this family or lady. There was NO date on the quilt.
This photos highlights several of the embroidery motif.
This photo shows more of the embroidery motifs. A wee story about how I found this lovely antique quilt. It was the summer of 2004 and I had come back from Germany to visit with family and friends and to met the wonderful man I had been chatting with on the Internet for the many months. This very sweet man decided to take me on a short trip along the Lake Michigan shoreline. We travel from Muskegon all the way up to Traverse City.

One stop was in Ludington at the local Antique Farmer's Market. As we were enjoying looking through all the barns we came upon a vendor selling old quilts. I instantly fell in love with this quilt. I loved all the old style embroidery motifs. The lady told me how much she wanted for the quilt and I hesitated a bit but then decided I really could not leave it behind. As I started to get out the money to buy it my sweetie said, he would love to buy it for me. I smile and said "Thank YOU VERY MUCH"!! I thought to myself what a very thoughtful and giving person I have met. I truly treasure this lovely old quilt because it brings back such Wonderful Memories of "Our First Summer Together". We've have now spent many a wonderful summers together and everyday is so very special with my DH.

All day on Saturday I decided to do some canning. Mine you I have NOT did any canning since I was a young married woman. Being a mother, wife and a new nurse took up so much of my time that this tradition fell by the wayside.

So now that the children are gone and life is much less hectic I decided to try canning one more time. I love Michigan strawberries and at the local farmer market I bought a flat of strawberries. I put 8 quarts of strawberries into freezer bags. The I decided to use 4 quarts to make freezer jam but unfortunately I had NO jars. So off I went to the grocery store where I bought 1/2 pint jars and some wee jars with a quilt block on them. I thought the wee quilt block jars filled with fresh jam would make a nice Christmas pressie for some special quilting friends. I could hardly believe it took me ALL day Saturday to get this canning done. But at the end of day I felt pleased with all my canning efforts and thought how wonderful the fresh strawberries will taste when they are not available during our long winter months. Off to do some stitching. . Have a great day everyone. Hugs Judy


Miss 376 said...

Ilove looking at old quilts and embroideries, they seem really special. I've just joined the hand embroidery group so will look forward to seeing you more on there

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Miss 376. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a message. Much appreciated. I hope we can chat some more. Hugs Judy

abeadlady said...

Judy, I, too, wish we lived closer together. What fun we would have.

Your embroidered quilt reminds me of the quilts my grandmother used to make. She would spend hours doing the most detailed embroidery on each quilt block. Sure wish I had some of those now.

That jam looks yummy!

Cathy K said...

What a delightful story about that quilt. Looks like the man and the quilt were both "keepers"!! I love making freezer jam, too. Yours looks wonderful! Hugs, Cathy

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Cathy and Arline, Thanks for visiting my blog. I collect all kinds of embroidery linen and especially love this old quilt. I look forward to enjoying the fruits of my labor this winter when there is NO berries to be found. Hugs Judy

Niki said...
Would love 2 have u join us!

Wendy said...

CJ, your quilt is lovely, and I just know that your strawberry jam tastes wonderful! I may just have to go and make myself some too! Currently I am waiting for the figs to get ready to put up.

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