Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tarja Renta Wool Art and Uniquely Felt

While living in Germany I discovered and fell in love with wool felting. Since being back home I have taken a couple of wet and needle felting classes but there is so much more I would like to learn. While exploring Germany, I came upon a wool shop that had all kinds of wonderful wool felted art. One artist wool art collection that I really admired was Tarja Rinta from Finland. Tarja's wool felted painting of the birch trees and wildflowers was just to beautiful to leave behind. I also thought Tarja wool felted animals were really cute so I brought them home too.

Today I received a new wool felting book in the post, called "Uniquely Felt" by Christine White. Oh, this book is fantastic and will teach you anything you need to know about wool felting. The photos are wonderful. I am really looking forward to getting out some of my wool stash and start playing. vbg Oh, BTW there is a new forum called, Stitching Fingers ( Main Page) and it has several subgroups one of them being Wool Felting. It is great fun have a look. Now only if I could find a friend that would also love to do some wool felting with me here in Western Michigan.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! These are adorable! I love the felting. I discovered felting right when I discovered spinning...I'm sure you can guess how. I found out quickly how easily wool This is great! smiles, alicia in Hawaii

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