Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Alaska Tree and Spring Garden

I planted 4 Viburnum Bushes two years ago and this is the first summer they have bloomed. This year "My Spring Gardens" are looking pretty wonderful. The Viburnum in the above photo is called Blue Berry Muffin and because of all its flowers it should have lots of blue berries in the Autumn for the birds to eat. This bush smells so lovely.

This is the second year for my Fringe Tulips Bulb to bloom. Last year I was disappointed in them but this year they look very lovely.

The photo at the top of the page is of my "Alaska Tree". My co-worker and friend Heather brought this back with her on the plane for me in May 2006. She dug up two of them for me along the side of a ditch outside of Anchorage, Alaska. Heather also brought back herself back 3 fir trees. Unfortunately, one died last summer but this one continues to survive and grow. This Spring it has probably grown 3 inches or more with lots of new branches. It was about an inch tall when it came to me. It has now been growing in my 3 season room for its third summer. During the winter I just let the soil freeze just like if it was growing in Alaska. I just re-potted it today because it had outgrown its other pot. I truly hope it survives its re-potting. I have it planted in Miracle Grow soil since day one so it definitely been pampered. vbg

When I lived in Alaska back in 1991 and 1992 my mother came to visit me and she also dug up a weee Alaska Fir Tree. Mom brought it back home with her in a plastic baggie wrapped with a wet paper towel. Mom grew hers in the house for 4 summers and now it grows proudly in Mom's front yard and is at least 10 foot tall.

When I left Alaska and my job as a "Bush School Nurse" I left a weee part of my heart their too. So growing this Alaska Tree makes feel like I still have part of Alaska still here with me. Hopefully one day my Alaska Tree will be 10 feet tall.

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