Sunday, May 4, 2008

Evening of Fun In The Sun Room

In April My DH has been working on creating our 3 season sun room into a year around sun room. The first big project toward this goal was to replace the screens with nice insulated windows. The nice slider windows and the very lovely fancy trim work is now done. I did a wee bit by doing all the staining of the new trim work.
Our first guests arrived last evening to celebrate my friend "Judi" birthday. We had a nice dinner and then we migrated to the sun room to play. Early in the evening Judi spotted some wool felted projects I have done in the past. Judi fell in love with a "Acorn" I made inspired by the book, called "Felt Wee Folks" by Salley Mavor in 2003. Judi ask me if I could teach her how to felt. I do not consider myself a teacher but I went to my stash of wools and supplies and we started our lesson. The above middle photo is of Judi happily felting away. The bottom photos shows Judi's acorn on the left and mine on the right. Our DH even went out into our yard in the dark to search out a "Acorn Cap" for Judi to use to finish off her felted wool acorn. Our DH are such sweeties.
The top photo is our "Musical Husbands" having fun playing their musical instruments. My DH loves playing his many harmonicas (left) and Ted (right) was playing his mandolin. Ted also plays the harmonica. It is a joy to listen to them play. The evening went by all to quickly. We have now entertain our first guest in the sorta new renovated sun room. We still have lots of work to do before it will be totally transformed into an all season sun room but we have started. It is my favorite room in the house. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDI. I hope we have many more fun times together.


Gypsy said...

I love everything you have posted, the felted acorns, your new room, all the pretty wool felted projects and that gorgeous trillium! Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

It looks like this is the year for a lot of building to go on - many of my friends have one project or another going forward as the weather warms. Looks like a great place, and a wonderful addition of space to the year-round living area.

Jo in NZ said...

good times with good friends. What could be more perfect!

Noel said...

Looks like a fun evening with great friends. Love the acorns too!
You've been a busy gal since I've been off!
Love the CQ PCs....I'm going to be trying my had at these for a swap next month. I doubt mine will be as elaborate as yours are!


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