Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beaded Stone Age Doll, started Robin Atkins Book

I recently bought Robin Atkins new book called, "Heart To Hands. Bead Embroidery". Oh what a wonderful illustrated book of "Beaded Dolls and Beaded Journal Projects" plus much more. Robin has created gorgeous pieces of beaded art to reflect her life's story in her "Decade Dolls" which I just love. I must do this. She teaches you many new beading techniques and gives you much encouragement to express yourself in bead artwork. She gives you many tips which I have read many times. Four of them have touch my heart. Robin tells you " Be gentle with yourself". "Let go of trying to be perfect". "Try to forget about "figuring it out" and "getting it right". "Feel free to make mistakes". This book has been awe inspiring to me because I am always trying to create "Perfect" stuff. Thanks Robin for taking the time to publish this lovely book.

During the last month I have started over three times in trying to create my first all beaded doll. There seem to be always something I did not like so I would either start over on the beading or start with a new fabric form. The above photo next to the beads is the 3rd beginning of a"Stone Age Doll" that I am swapping with Kristen who is a very experienced creative beader and her blog is called, Still Heart Studio. So far I am happy with my progress and hopefully this doll will be completed.

I stopped in at Bead Haven In Frankenmuth, Michigan to treat myself to some new beads on our road trip over to Eastern Michigan to visit with my family last weekend. It is truly a Bead Haven. vbg


Gammie said...


Started over three times? It will be lovely and Kristen will adore it. You needn't worry about that.


Robin said...

Thanks so much for your favorable "review" of my book. You certainly are not alone in the "need to do perfect work" department. I'm very pleased to think my book may help you (and others) with this issue! Also, I look forward to seeing your finished "Stone Age Doll," which is started so beautifully!

Robin A.

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