Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Artistic Impression: Spring In The North Woods

My Friend Jane who lives in the UP of Michigan and I decided to swap Crazy Quilt Fabric Post Cards with the theme of Spring In Michigan . With this theme in mind, I ended up creating two post cards one for Jane and one to put in our sun room which has an outdoor look. Jane's Blog is called Crazy Here And Now. The Lovely Crazy Quilt Post Card Jane created for me can be seen 3 post down from this one.

I have been visiting Allie In Stitches Blog and in one of her post Catherine Smith from Montavilla in Portland Oregon came for a visit. Catherine brought some very lovely items created with Angelina Fibers and Wools. This motivated me to bring out my "Angelina Fibers" I bought at the Paducah Quilt Show in 2005. I could hardly believe I had not play with it yet even though I had bought three books to give me instruction on using Angelina.

I was surprised how very easy it was to create Angelina Fiber Fabric. I combined the "Hot Fixed" Angelina along with the "Non-Fixed" Angelina colors and pressed them slightly between parchment paper for just a few seconds to create the Falls/River in the post card. The sun was created from "Hot Fixed" Gold Angelina. I bought the Angelina Fiber at two different places at the Paducah Quilt show vendor mall, Country Keepsakes from Pa. and Embellishment Village.

It had been awhile since I have been stitching so creating these two post cards was a joy. It was great just to set in the evening and stitch away. When creating "Spring In The North Woods" I thought about all the wonderful nature elements I saw while playing in the woods at our cabin outside of Munising, Michigan. The River was only several hundred feet from our cabin so I knew I needed to include a Falls/River in the Post Card. Then there was the Butterflies, Pine Trees, Birch Trees, Blueberry and Wild Rose bushes and lots of wildflowers. I had forgotten about the Pussy Willows until Jane mentions she had picked some along the road one day in her blog so I included them too. Creating this "Spring In The North Woods" for Jane was a great pleasure that brought back wonderful memories of my childhood. I hope one day to go on a trip to the UP and see if I can find our cabin in the woods which was sold many years ago. Hopefully one day Jane and I can meet up too. Thanks for the post card swap Jane.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Ahhh, beautiful!!!!!!
I just love what the angelina does for the whole piece, especially contrasted with the wool and the silk.
So glad you got all this going...I am honored to be some small instigator, too... ;-)

Michigan, my Michigan....*sigh*....Lovely work, Judy!

Perry said...



Susan said...

As I said on Jane's blog, I love both yours and the one she sent you. Great little bits of beauty!

Robin said...

Yummmmmmmy textures and beautiful colors - you really got that north woods look and the river is perfect! Also, thanks for the reminder about Allie's blog (it's been a while since I visited her).

Noel said...

Beautiful post cards, I like how you did them. You got my interst peaked about needle felting too.
I was gifted some angelina fibers, I'll have to give them a go.


MiniBear said...

Beautiful post cards!
Never thought of doing that.
I wonder if an ATC would work...hmmm...*grin*
Anji in Stockport UK

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