Monday, April 7, 2008

Stone Age Doll, Seascape

I would like to introduce you to a new unique doll I discovered in the UK Magazine called "Stitch".. She is called a Stone Age Doll and was created by Corinne Renow-Clarke. A bit of history about this doll. The pattern is based on the stone carvings of the Romano British goddesses at Housesteads. The orginal doll pictured in the article had weee feet and was stitched a bit different. The Stone Age Doll is 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. In issue Number 51 of Stitch Magazine there was photos of 20 Stone Age Dolls created by a group of lades from Belleville, Ontario Canada who said, they had so much fun making them they could not stop at just making one. I called my Stone Age Doll, Seascape and added lots of beads.


Jane said...

Very pretty Judy and thanks for the history...I love the sun that you put on her, I know what you were thinking when you added that ;)... we need all we can get of that here in Michigan, hey?

Anonymous said...

Lovely doll and beautiful name.


Noel said...

What an interesting story and doll.
I wish they sold that magazine some place by me....I heard it was a good one. Now Judy, I have to ask are you just doing one....hehehe!


crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi judy
what a neat little creation!!
thanks for sharing it with us
x's&o's from a very sunny
'to be in the 60's today' ct ;)

piney cq said...

She's adorable Judy! I'd be embelling my heart out on a plain palette! ROFLOL!! Toooo cute!

Gypsy said...

I saw her on BAD- what a great story. I love to hear how the dolls came out of history. Thanks for sharing her with us!

Susan said...

I love her! She would be great for Pat Winter's project, too. A doll I might be able to actually make!

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