Sunday, April 13, 2008

Visiting My Friend Inge The Netherlands, Day One

When I think of Spring, My Memory takes me back to April 2003 when I was living in Germany. The first trip I took was to visit my Dear Friend Inge and Jaap in Hoorn, The Netherlands. I had known Inge via the Internet for many many years prior to living in Germany. Inge and Jaap invited me to come for a visit when the Tulip Fields would be in full bloom at the end of April. I was so excited to finally meet Inge and Jaap and see the Tulip Fields and Windmills I had only seen in books.

Day One, The top photo is of the ICE the fast train that took me to visit Inge and Jaap. The second photo is the sky view of Hoorn, The Netherlands what a neat village surrounded by dikes. The third photo is of Inge and Jaap, Inge's DH in their home. Then Inge took me up to her lovely sewing room where she was showing me her fabric stash. That first day we chatted and chatted for endless hours. It was so fantastic to finally see Inge in person and give her a hug and see the lovely place where she lived.

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