Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last Day with Inge and Jaap

On the last day of my visit with Inge and Jaap they took out into the countryside again to some very special places. They took me to see the only "Working" windmill still operating in Holland. I could not resist taking more photos of the beautiful tulips along the path to the working windmill. The most amazing site to me was seeing endless waves of colorful tulips fields every where we went. When we were at the working windmill I took a photo of many bikes parked along the side of the road. This site was seen in many places in Holland. I regret not get a photo of ladies taking their children to school in the morning on their bikes. Only in Holland. Then we came upon a Dutch Farm with cows grazing in the fields surround by the dikes. It was unusual to see dikes keeping the cows in the pastures instead of fences.

At the end of this lovely day Inge and Jaap took me to a lovely Dutch Restaurant called Hotel Akersloot where we had a chance to chat about the last few days of our wonderful visit together. The last photo is of Inge and Jaap in front of the lovely Restaurant/ Hotel Akersloot.

Inge and Jaap I will never forget this very special time we had together in Hoorn Holland. Thank you very much for all these wonderful memories.


quilter said...

Hello my dearest friend Judy, It`s so wonderfull to see Holland through your "eyes", sometimes I forget in what a beautifull country I live in and through your photographs I get a different picture. I am much more appreciative. Judy once again thank you for your kind words and posting these photographs on your blog, love, Inge in Holland

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi judy
what beautiful pictures!! love them all esp the windmill and all those beautiful tulips-how did you resist not picking them-VBG :)
thank you as always for showing us another side of the world
enjoy your day

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