Sunday, April 13, 2008

Inge, Mieke and Me on Marken Island

Inge's good friend Mieke took us for a day of site seeing. OH, what a fantastic day us girls had spending time together. First we started off visiting a market area where we had lunch at a small cafe over looking the docks and bay area. Then we went on a tour boat that took us to Marken Island. Marken Island use to be a fishing village but now is noted for tourism. This village is so unique. The fishermen used the "Green" paint left over from painting their fishing boats to paint their homes too. The native costumes of Marken Island was lovely to see. As we walked around through the narrow cobblestone paths we discovered an special quilt shop. They had fabrics used for the native costumes and lots of lovely laces. The shop owner kindly let me take a photo of her while she was wrapping up my Dutch Lace Curtains. I could not resist taking another photo of my friends Mieke and Inge inside the quilt shop. Mieke is in the red shirt and Inge has the happiest big smile on her face. . Before we headed back to the mainland we stopped and took time to sit and chat and have some dutch ice cream which was very good. But this wonderful day of spending time with Inge and Mieke was not over, there is lots more to come.

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quilter said...

Hello my dearest Judy!!
I had a little cry over seeing these photographs, o what a wonderfull time we had such sweet memories!! I am so happy that we were able to meet and yes next year we will be meeting up again so we can make more memories!!! Thank you Judy for putting these photos on your blog, I love you dearly, hugs and kisses from Hoorn, Inge

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