Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dutch Lace From Marken Island, The Netherlands

While at the Quilt Shop on Marken Island, The Netherlands I just fell in love with these Dutch Lace Curtains with Windmills. I bought them in April of 2003 and I had NO idea how I would use them. But I like them so much I bought 7 yards of this beautiful lace. I still remember the shop keeper asking me what I was going to do with 7 yards of Lace Curtains and I told her I hoped one day I would have a home and put them up in my sewing room. She just smiled. My DH and I bought our retirement home three years ago and these lovely lace curtains still are not up in my sewing room. This summer I have promise myself they will be go up in my sewing room so I can admire them everyday. Of course , I will still have lots of yardage left over and I am thinking they may also look wonderful in our sun room after we get in all the new windows.

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crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi judy
oh the wonderful places you have seen!! i love the lace-and i forgot to take pix of the curtains my step mom tatted at easter-sorry!
thank you for sharing with us-i enjoy your blog esp when we get to travel with you ;)
enjoy your day

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