Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Continued Travels in Holland with Inge and Mieke

After we left Marken Island Meike took us out to the countryside to see Tulip Fields and to see the beauty of Holland. One of our stops were to see how the many dikes in Holland are now automated and not controlled by windmills anymore. Most interesting. Then we travel on to a local quilt shops which had everything under the sun. While there we discovered three Dear Jane Quilt in progress . They were just gorgeous. I bought some beautiful dutch fabric and some very lovely embroidery flosses. As we were walking out the door Mieke took a photo of Inge and Me with all our goodies. After driving around the countryside Mieke invited us over to her home for show and tell of some of her very lovely quilts. Mieke quilt creations were awesome. I especially loved her garden barn quilt, I thought it was very unique. And the top photo is of My Dear Friend Inge with one of her very lovely large quilts. This wonderful day ended all to soon. Thank you Inge and Mieke for this lovely day filled with so many wonderful memories.

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Gypsy said...

It has been a pleasure keeping up with your trip to the Netherlands! Can Mieke be either male, or female? I just sent a Mieke in the Netherlands some face molds from enchanted gallery and her hubby is named Piete.

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