Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Easter To Everyone

Hello Everyone, DH and I wish everyone a Blessed Happy Easter Holiday with your families. This card I bought while I lived in Germany. "Frohe Ostern" means Happy Easter.

Here In Western Michigan Spring is finally starting to emerge slowly. I have Daffodil and Tulip bulbs coming up in the sunny parts of our yard. After enduring a very long and cold snowy winter, to me Spring Bulbs are weeeeeee miracles that give you hope that yes Spring will arrive again in all its glory of blooming flowers and budding trees. DH and I heard our first flock of Canadian Geese flying North a couple of days ago so another sure sign of Spring. Yup, winter grays are given way to the shades of green and pastel colors of Spring and New Beginnings for all. Hugs Judy

1 comment:

Susan said...

I suppose today your new flowers are covered in snow? Hope some survive. =)

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