Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Easter Decorations in a German Village

My Friend Terese and I was coming home from an antique market when we came upon this small lovely German village decorating for Easter. Unfortunately we can not remember the village's name. We stopped because we were so impressed with all the lovely decorations and wanted to ask if we could take some photos. The lovely lady in the long blue coat was so happy to talk with us and was pleased to have us take photos. She was also very proud of her lovely grandchildren and we were very happy to take their photos too. We especially loved the "Potato Wagon" filled with lovely Spring Blooming Flowers and Easter Bunnies. This Lovely Lady invited us in to see their "Incredible Beautiful Village Church" and ask us to sign their guest register. So our names and visit to this lovely village will be forever documented in their church. We felt very honored to be so graciously welcome by this lady and her family.

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tammy said...

hi judy
oh the beautiful places you have been!!
thank you for sharing with us :)
have a great day

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