Monday, February 11, 2008

Tammy's PIF Gift Calm After The Blizzard

Today I received a very Lovely Beaded Gift from Tammy in "Rainy" CT. It is a beaded pen with my Initial J and a Heart in my favorite colors of purple and teal. It is more than a Pen it is a Piece of Art that I will always treasure. I think it is very fitting to also include a photo of the calm after the the two day blizzard so Tammy can enjoy some snow this winter even though it virtual. Thank You Tammy.


Gypsy said...

that pen is a beauty!
so's the snow!
Bet you will keep the Judy?

tammy said...

hi judy
glad you like your PIF-its a bit different from the others i did :)
i will post them to my blog when the last one gets home-it has a looong waay to go :)
thanks for the snow pic's-i would fall over (in the snow)with glee for a two day blizzard!!! we have 2-4 inches coming tonite-ahh but then changing to rain :(
i'll enjoy your snow while you enjoy the pen
have a great day

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