Saturday, February 16, 2008

Polly Patch and Stick Beaded Dolls, from UK

Several weeks ago a new friend Christina and I decided to swap gifts. After "Polly Patches" long trip across the big pond she arrived at my home today. "Polly Patch" is incredibly beautiful. She is bright, happy and colorful all the things I needed to see after enduring this bleak cold and very long winter. Christina also included a "Stick" beaded doll to attach to my scissors so they do not get lost so often. vbg I will truly treasure these lovely beaded pieces of art. Thank you Christina your beading is so very lovely.


tammy said...

hi judy
polly patch is a cutie!!!
and her colors will brighten anyones day :)
i love the felted orb she is resting against-looks like a globe of the earth :)
have a great day

Gammie said...

Polly Patch is adorable. I can see why you love her.


Susan said...

Both of these are so cool. Great exchange!

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