Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Journey Into Blogging, Artful Blogging Mag. Spring Issue

I have been blogging since July 31st 2007 so I am relatively a 'Newbie"! This journey started because a new friend Jo from NZ that I met on Crazy Quilting International kept telling me "Judy you need to start a blog". In the beginning the road was bumpy because I was learning all kinds of new computer skills, like hyperlinks, slide shows, adding links and html's and on and on. With support from friends and family, I have learned to love this whole "Blogging Thing"! CJ Stitching and Blooms not only became a menu for displaying my artistic creations but I also wanted it to be visually unique that hopefully would make visitors smile too.

To say the least "
My Journey Into Blogging" has been a road in which my expectations has been exceeded in many more ways than I could even begin to imagine. I look forward everyday to chatting with my old and new friends from around the world. My world has been open to very artistic people that have shared their talents with me and for that my imagination has soared. I am always amazed by all the lovely, thoughtful, kind comments left on my blog by friends and strangers alike. They bring a smile to my face and warm my heart.

And this brings me to my August 2nd 2007 posting on my blog about my new discovery of the "Artful Blogging Magazine" premier issue. Last November, Staci the Managing Editor of Artful Blogging sent me a surprised email message asking me for permission to publish this statement in their upcoming Spring 2008 Issue. I was honored to be selected and was happy to give my permission.

Since then I have been anxiously awaiting for this issue to arrive. Yesterday, I bought it at the book store and on page 2, "Buzz" there are 4 statements published. The first is from Sondra Casario from New Glouster, Maine, then mine, CJ Stitching and Blooms, from Michigan, Katelyn Thomas from Cecil County, Maryland and Laura Allen, from Ocala, Florida.

The Artful Blogging Spring Issue 2008 reading is "Great" and the "Photos of all the Art" in the blogs are "Incredibly Beautiful". I would highly recommend The Artful Blogging Magazine
to everyone.


Gypsy said...

Congratulations, Judy!!! Woo-hoo! and well-deserved!

Susan said...

I'll bet it was wonderful to finally hold it in your hand! I was looking at an issue from last year at Fran's house last week. Nice magazine.

BohemianD said...

I'm thinking from your post that you are just as tickled as I am that they posted our comments. Hee hee....

Your blog really is beautiful!

-Sondra Caserio

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