Thursday, December 13, 2007

Spring Garden Spirit of Friendship Doll from My SIS

Yesterday I received my Christmas Package from my Sis Lyn who lives in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. I received all kinds of lovely beads, charms, lace, wood and felt needle holder, needles and lovely toile fabric. Lyn where did you get those lovely lavenders sea shells, I love them. Could of they come from QLD???

This year we also decided to exchange Spirit of Friendship Dolls. I have created several but the above pictures is of Lyn's very first one. I will call her Spring Garden because all of the embellishment reflects a Very Happy Spring Day to me..

Lyn wrote me a note about Spring Garden. Lyn tells me, She is in your favorite colors. I love all shades of Purple!!! She has a Special Heart full of Love from Me to You. She has a basket full of Spring Flowers that you love. She wears a Lace Kite on her back soaring high and reaching out. She is my very First Spirit of Friendship Doll and her face is the first one of two I made. The beads surrounding her face are my favorites. She is wearing a Spring Bonnet of Beautiful Lace. Lyn your first Spirit of Friendship Doll is incredible beautiful and I will treasure her forever. Thank you so much for creating her for me.


Susan said...

What a beautiful doll. Can't believe it's her first! She must be as talented as you are. =)

Judi said...

Judy - Lyn did beautiul work on your special doll..

Maggie R said...


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