Monday, December 31, 2007

My Husband's Grandchildren Finished Quilts

This past Spring I was asked by Bill's DIL and daughter to finish his grandchildren quilts that were started by Bill's deceased wife back in 2002. I felt very honored to be asked and was very happy to do this for the grandchildren, family and Bill. Bill's deceased wife was a quilter and did very lovely embroidery work. She embroidery very sweet pictures of boys fishing on the boys quilt tops and fabric painted lovely mermaids on the girls quilts. So to finish them was not difficult. I picked out the backing fabrics for the quilt and finished them 3 weeks before Christmas. Bill and I together decided on the wording for the Quilt Labels. Bill actually pencil the wording on the labels for me and I embroidery them. The quilts were given to the grandchildren for Christmas and they had NO idea they were coming. On Christmas Day when the grandchildren open the quilts there was tears of joy and sadness. I received hugs from the grandchildren which made me feel loved for doing this for them. I told the grandchildren they needed to put the quilts on their beds and use them everyday and know they are truly loved by both of us.

Pictures of these lovely quilts made by both of us are on the slide show below and above are extra pictures for those who can not excess slide shows.


Susan said...

Both the pictures and the slide show are just wonderful. How fortunate they are that Bill married another quilter. =)

tangled stitch said...

They are beautiful and such a wonderful idea! Happy New Year!

tammy said...

how beautiful :D
and lovely for them to know that they are blanketed by both their grandmothers love at night-thats what i think of when i pull the quilt my grammie made years and years ago over me :D
have a great new year!!

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