Monday, December 3, 2007

Kreb's Glas Creations, Lauscha, Germany

While living in Germany I loved visiting many lovely German Villages and the village of Lauscha is the birth place of glass Christmas Ornaments. This tradition is 400 years old and the Kreb's Glass Christmas Showroom is the first two pictures above. Behind the showroom is the factory where all these lovely ornaments are created. While visiting the showroom there was so many lovely colors of ornaments to choose from it was a bit overwhelming. I finally decided on the blue and silver ones with some others that I could not resist buying. I think the one I love the best is the Christmas Wedding Ornament which represents our Wedding in November of 2004. I also had to have a Christmas Ornament that would reflect all my special friends in Australia so I bought a Koala Ornament which I was very surprised to see they made. While in Germany my friend Jamie and I would go to as many Antique Markets as we could find. The French Antique Sled was one of the many treasure I found on these antique trips.


Susan said...

What lovely ornaments! You chose well, and each one seems to have a special meaning for you.

tammy lang said...

what wonderful treasures you have from being in germany!!
i would not of been able to choose if i went to the actual factory:)
you are making me long for mine-i don't have a big tree any longer and i sure do miss it:)
the koala is wonderful-my sis has told me that the animal shaped vintage ones are hard to find now?
maybe next year
thanks for sharing with us:D

piney cq said...

What wonderful ornies!!! And the sled is soooo kewl!!! All you need is a cqey santa guiding it! LOL!!! What a neat trip and treasures!

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