Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Spirit Of Friendship Doll From Leslie

I received this very lovely Crazy Patchwork Christmas Spirit Doll from Leslie a friend from Colorado this week. The beading is really really wonderful and her face is very sweet. The beading around the doll is soooo very very pretty. Wish I knew how to create this technique in beading. I believe Leslie made all the great polymer clay embellishments on her. Another lovely Spirit of Friendship Doll to add to my collections and treasure. The lovely Rose Fabric Leslie sent along too. I love roses and plan to use it in my Rose Theme Crazy Quilt I plan to start next year. Thanks for beautiful Christmas gift Leslie. I love her.

1 comment:

tammy lang said...

thats a beautiful CQ doll!!
lucky you to receive such a beautiful gift:D
i hope to try CQ in the new year

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