Monday, November 26, 2007

Memories of Christmas in Germany, Willkommen

I have many memories of the two years I lived in Germany. But the most fondest memories are at Christmas time and especially the two times I went to Seiffen Germany which is the official Christmas Village in Germany. (Please click on the buttons for beautiful pictures). Seiffen was a very long drive from my home in Ettinghausen Germany. It took me approximately 6 to 8 hours depending on the traffic. Yes they have traffic jams in Germany. LOL
Seiffen is located in the Ore Erzgebirge Mountains in Eastern Germany near the Czech Republic border. "Christmas in Seiffen" is the most incredible beautiful village I have ever seen. (This link plays Christmas music with pictures of Seiffen). They are know for creating wooden Christmas toys, nutcrackers, smokers, pyramids, angels, wibbogen and many other wonderful creations. The top picture is of a "Doppelschwibbogen" which is such a lovely wooden Christmas Tree that lights up. They have many different creations of Wibbogen but I choose this one to bring home with me.
In the second picture there is three of my collections of "Smokers". There is the Snowman, Santa and the Christmas tree. They come apart and you can place weee cones of inscents on a holder and when you light them the scents of smokes come out their opening which most of the time is their mouth. In this picture there is also a replica of the Mountain Church in Seiffen with their carolers. It is a Octagon church and the focus of the community.
In the third picture is a "Pyramid" which when you light the candles the heat from them makes the Pyramid spins around.. During the Christmas season I light the candles for our evening meals and it is a joy to watch it spin around.
The linen I also bought in Germany in a area they call Bavaria. I have many more pictures to share of My Memories of Christmas in Germany which I will share with you all in the weeks to come.


tammy lang said...

ohhh judy what beautiful treasures!! i love them all!
we had some of the pyramids as children-my mom aunts and grandma-such magic!
the wooden tree is spectacular-and so is the reindeer linen-
thanks for sharing i will have to ck the site you posted next:)

Susan said...

These are wonderful memories, and such lovely pieces to remind you.

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