Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lyn's Spirit Of Friendship Doll" Snow Princess"

Lyn's Crazy Quilt Spirit of Friendship Doll, "Snow Princess" is the second Spirit of Friendship Doll I created this year for Christmas Presents. She is made from 3 different kinds of sparkling snow flake fabrics. I did beaded embroidery snowflakes in shades of white and silver. I also used three different kinds of embroidery floss, Renaissance Ultra Sprinkles, Kreinik Metallic in white and platinum and White Madeira Metallic. I also created her face from translucent Kato Polyclay and painted her face with Pearl Ex Powder Pigment in the color Pearl before baking. I think this is the most beads I have ever added to a doll especially around her face.
A bit of history about our Friendship. Lyn's and I met on the Australian Southern Cross Quilters Online Quilting list in October of 1996. As a new member I sent a message introducing my self and Lyn sent me a warm welcome and told me about herself and we discovered we had many things in common. That was the beginning of a wonderful 11 year friendship that has grown and grown.
I have always felt I missed out by not having someone to call a "Sister" and experiencing the special relationships I believed sisters had between each other. Well over the years Lyn has become "My Adopted Sis".
In the year 2000 I turned 50 years old and for a special gift Lyn traveled from Melbourne Australian to Virginia to help me celebrate my birthday. vbg We celebrated everyday for 3 months. When Lyn arrived in New York it started to snow. As Lyn walked from the jumbo jet to the smallish plane Lyn saw and felt "Snow Flakes" for the first time in her life. When Lyn arrived in Virginia she was dead tired from the very long trip and when we met she could not stop talking about the beautiful snow flakes she saw in New York. vbg The next day I showed Lyn piles of snow in our local parking lots and she was soooooooooooooo very excited. We through snowballs at each other and laughed and laughed. During the next 3 months we had the most wonderful time together.
WE went to three major quilt show. The first being the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton, Va. the second being The Mountain Quilt Festival in Pigeon Forge Tenn. and the third being the Lancaster Quilt Show in Penn. We had endless adventures together during this time and we still chat and laugh about them. Soooooooooooo when we decided to exchange "Spirit of Friendship Dolls" I knew Lyn's had to be a "Snow Princess" !!! Lyn I am so happy you like your "Snow Princess"!!! Merry Christmas...


tammy lang said...

ohhh she's a beauty-and snow princess fits her perfectly:)
how big are your dolls??
love the entire concept

Candi said...

I just love your dolls, each is so distinct and so beautiful!!!

Susan said...

What a great story of friendship! The doll is beautiful and sounds as if she is a perfect representation of your friendship with Lyn.

Maggie R said...

I Love your snow princess and why she was created. I have an adopted sister too... What fun .. I grew up as an only child and so did she..LOL
Sounds like you had tons of fun with your "sister"
Nice memories

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