Thursday, November 15, 2007

Linda's Memory Silk Tie CQ

Recently the online group I belong to called CQI has been showing pictures of our First Crazy Quilt. I was a bit hesitant about sharing mine, so I called My Dear Cousin Linda and ask her for permission to show pictures of her Memory CQ and talk about the reason why I made it for her. She very kindly said, yes she would be happy for me to share her CQ on my blog. This CQ was created from the Silk Ties of Linda's deceased husband Patrick. On March 11th 2001 Linda's DH, youngest son Aaron 26yrs. and his two children, John 3yrs old and Sam 10 months old was taken in a tragic car accident. One day after this horrible event Linda was telling me that she was cleaning out Pat's clothes and she had all these ties she did not know what to do with. I told Linda to please send them to me and I would create a Memory Quilt from them. I looked at the ties for a few months trying to figure out how to best use them. I called Linda back and we talked some more about how I would use them in the quilt. Linda gave me some special dates which occurred during their 30 years marriage together and their favorite vacation place. After this conversation I knew how I would use them. I would make a crazy quilt and create each block to reflect stages of their life together. I also decided that the last block would be of "Hope and Happiness". The first picture is of Linda with her Memory Silk Tie Crazy Quilt. The first block reflects when Patrick was born, the second one is about when Linda and Patrick was married May 30th 1970. The 3rd block is about Patrick's business called Reliance Refrig. The 4th block reflects their favorite vacation spot, Banff in Alberta Canada. The 5th block is Linda's words to her loving family she lost. The 6th block is of "Hope and Happiness" for the future with with embroidery of flowers and butterflies. Linda and I have been very close Cousin and my wish was that this CQ would provide Linda with good memories of her marriage with Patrick and her family and would also provide her with "Hope and Happiness" for the future. I am very please to say that Linda has now been remarried for just about 2 yrs. to a wonderful man Phil who now gives Linda must Happiness.


Susan said...

What a lovely thing for you to do. How horrible to lose so many at one time!

Sharon said...

Judy your first cq project, you must have been born with a needle also...This was a horrible tragedy but I am sure she treasures this quilt. How wonderful for you to do this.

Linda said...

My cousin Judy's making of this quilt using my husband's ties was such a gift!For many months I doubted I would ever be happy again or live a normal life. I always have my family in my heart and thoughts. Being remarried to a wonderful man who understands what I did go through and strives to make each day happy for me is amazing. If only I inherited some of my cousin's talent.......I did not!

Maggie R said...

So sorry to hear of Linda's terrible tragedy. The quilt is a beautiful memory for her Judy, a lovely gesture .
We should count our blessings every day.

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