Monday, November 5, 2007

Anniversary Trip To Frankenmuth Michigan

On November 3rd DH and I took a trip to Frankenmuth Michigan to do some Christmas shopping and celebrate our 3rd Anniversary. Frankenmuth is also called, "Michigan's Little Bavaria"!! This community takes pride in preserving the German heritage and greets you with a Big Wilkommen!!!

Frankenmuth has many unique shops but the one I enjoyed the most is called, "Bead Haven". I have never seen a Bead Shop so huge. The third and fourth picture from the top is the building where Bead Haven is located. It encompass the beige, pink and green sections of this large building. I did find some lovely beads that I plan to use in creating my Spirit Of Friendship Dolls and on my first crazy Quilt I plan to start in the new year.

Frankenmuth has endless places to browse in and the most fantastic restaurants. We ate at Zehners which is famous for its Chicken dinners. In 2006 Zehnders served 948,675 meals which made it the #1 restaurant in the USA for meals served. The food is so very very good. vbg

I also really enjoyed the Woolen Mill which has been in business since 1894. Their shop have the most gorgeous sweater I have ever seen but I resisted buying any. vbg

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland is the world's largest Christmas Store. The building is the size of 5 1/2 football fields. It is an amazing place to shop in.

We truly enjoyed "Our Anniversary Trip" and I was able to get "All" our Christmas shopping done too. Huge VBG I feel so fortunate to have a DH that loves to go on "Adventure Trips" and enjoys them as much as I do. Sooo we now have "Three" Wonderful Years Together" and DH says 3 years going on 40 years and we are going to live to be 103!!! VBG You gotta love such a great attitude.


tammy lang said...

this store front says it all-
what a lovely town:)
your cq work is so beautifl-very soft and vintage-keep up the good job:)

Maggie R said...

Judy Thanks for the tour! It is a spot we have wanted to see too but so far haven't. We aren't too far from there ! I sent the link to myu DH so maybe when he opens his PC he will get the hint VBG
Nice place for an anniversary celebration.Congratulations for your special day. The weather looked good too. Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Wow, I'd like to go there. It's enormous, you're right! I've been in several, but nothing that big! Happy anniversary, too.

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