Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dorset Feather Stitchery

I Recently I fell in love with this book called Dorset Feather Stitchery by Oliva Pass which was orginally published in 1957 and has been reprinted nine times. I love all the different stitches and Olivia's sense of adventure by taking funny"Old Fashioned" Stitches and playing tricks on them"!! My Friend Judi has already played with these new stitches on a Crazy Patchwork Bed Quilt and they look wonderful. I am looking forward to learning and playing with these stitches too.

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Pennie said...

Hi Judy!!

I just adore your new blogging site, which gives me the sense that I am at your place visiting with a dear friend (which you ARE).

Thanks for the beautiful pics--your newest projects are treasures. Keep up the the fabulous work.

Hugs, Pennie (Still surviving at the ARC) VBG

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