Monday, March 17, 2014


Hello Everyone,
Does anyone remember the Nursery Rhythm called
I am a Little Teapot?
I have been admiring Wet Felted Teapots in the German Felt Magazine and the Australian Felt Magazine for some time.

 I have also admired very lovely "Teapots" on my friend Terriea's blog called Terrie--Smiling. Terriea is a very creative and talented Felter.  Terriea inspires many felters with her lovely work. 

Thank you Terriea for the inspiration to push oneself to learn new techniques.

I received the most lovely surprise in the post this past week all the way from Hong Kong.

 Look what Terriea made especially for me...

 It is a beautiful silk natural printed scarf.  Terriea uses Gum Leaves and other beautiful leaves from her area to make these gorgeous printed scarfs.  Terriea shows you how she does this technique on her blog,  Terrie--Smiling.

Thank you Terriea for the lovely Gift. I will treasure it always.

I have falling in Love with Finn Wool

I used Finn Wool to create "My First Wet Felted Teapot". Finn felts up so very nicely.  I love it. I used all the White Finn Wool that I bought to create My  Teapot.

I took a workshop at
 Twisted Warp & Skeins in Merrill, Michigan to create "My Spring Blooming Garden Teapot".. After 3 hours of hard work the photos above is the teapot I took home.

I have taken 2 other short workshops in wet felting to create a flat fabric and a wee Pod but those were several years ago.

In the workshop I had wanted to learn how to create  a seamless teapots but the teacher only knew how to do this with balloons. I had already made a template with plastic material and so I decided to stay with the template.
  I did add a wee resist in the center of the teapot to create "My Spring Blooming Garden" space.
 I had never made a "Wet Felted Rope" before and that technique turned out easier than I thought it would be. When wrapping the wool fibers around itself I included some pink too.. You can see wee bits of pink showing through the rope.

When I got home I went to Utube and watched a couple of video on seamless wet felting.. Then I created the "Teapot Lid".. I even add a wee tuck in it to give it some added charm.

 I am never happy with my creations until I add lots of embroidery and or beading. 

So when I got home I started adding embroidery and beading to "My Spring Blooming Garden Teapot".

 I added many pretty beads to create the garden. I also used 2 different shades of Locks to create the grass.

 What do you all think of My Spring Blooming Garden Teapot?

This is the backside of "My Spring Blooming Garden Teapot".

This photo is of My Finished "Spring Blooming Teapot". It makes me Happy when I look at it.

I do plan to make another one but this time I will create one with the theme of "By The Sea"..

 What do you all think???

There was lots of lots of wonderful colorful roving at Twisted Warp & Skein in Merrill, Michigan. I especially like the blended batts.  A Neat Shoppe indeed.

The Coast Guard Cutters have been working for sometime to break up the Ice from our Great Lakes. 
 In the second photo you can see large chunks of Ice floating free in the water.

  The first photo is what our shoreline looks like at the moment.. They tell us we will be lucky to be free of all this Ice until May..  And the waters will be so cold we will probably won't be able to stick our toes in it waters until August.  Can you believe??  

A Winter we will Never Forget.

I am Very Happy to show you all these wee Spring Flowers bursting from the ground in the only place that does not have several feet of snow covering it still..
 This wee garden is under our bay window very near to the cement blocks of the house that is always kept very warm because the sun shines on this spot all day.  Hence No snow..

 So I know Spring will be coming soon. 

I thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving your Lovely Comments for me to read..

Have a Very Lovely Week. 
Hugs Judy

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Hello Everyone, 

As you all know I am passionate about my garden and my stitching.. So when I read about "Follow A Tree" for one year I could not resist joining in with Lucy and many others.

This Great Idea was created by

I am sure you all will enjoy seeing
 "My Kousa Dogwood Tree" now buried in snow during its "Rest and Quiet Renewal of Winter" to popping forth with wee buds in the next few weeks.

  Please visit the "Loose and Leafy" site and see so many other lovely blogs and trees.

Our Winter has been especially harsh this year.  Bitterly cold and snowy.

Our front yard has never seen this much snow.

Along our Lake Michigan shoreline our Lake Michigan is now 93% frozen.  A very rare case only happening 2 times before back in the 60ish..

 What does this mean for us living in Western Michigan.  They tell us our Spring will be "Late" "Cold" and "Wet"... Not what we want to hear after enduring our Arctic Winter...

So I have been spending lots of time in My Studio. I have now finished the back of
 "The Scottish Highland By The Sea". 

 I used Peltex which I attached to the main art piece and then laid the white wool with words over it and with no steam in my iron I press it all together.

I used Printed Treasure fabric to add the following words.
Listen to the Surge of the Sea.
The Thunder of the Ocean.
Breaking on the Sand of the Beach.
The Ceaseless Surge
 Listen to the Surge Of the Sea..

Now all I need to do is wait patiently for Spring when all the frozen Ice and Snow has left our beautiful sandy beaches..
 Then I will search for some "Drift Wood" so I can attach it to "The Scottish Highland By The Sea" and hang it up in our Master Bathroom..

What do you all think???

You just have to love all these most Beautiful Pastel Hand Dyed and Hand Carded fibers.  They just make me smile when I look at them... Yes they do!! LOL

 I bought them when I attended a class a few weeks ago at Twisted Warp & Skeins at Merrill Michigan.

The above wet felted vase is not completed as of yet.  It still needs some more fulling and then lots of embroidery and beads added to it. 

I am not sure what kind of a Vessel it will turn out to be. Should I Leave it like the photo above or turned it upside down like the photo below??

What do you all think??

I would like to Thank You all for visiting my Blog and leaving all your lovely comments for me to read.. 

I wish you all a lovely week. 

Hugs Judy
I leave you with some more enticing lovely bits of wool roving in all the colors or Spring... 


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Down By The Sea Felted Rock and A Wonderful Birthday with CaliforniaTulips

Hello Everyone,

During this very long and cold Winter I have found time for My Art.  I have always want to create a "Felted Rock".  It would have to be a Glorious and  Shimmering rock that would "Glisten" in the sunshine.

I have added many stitches, beads and several pieces of special "Sea Glass" to make this Felted Rock Sparkle..

I decided to create a "Sea" on my felted rock by using a beautiful intensely Blue Wool. After the felting was done and it had thoroughly dried then I stared embellishing My Felted Rock.

  First I created the gentle silken waves curling into the shore.  I wanted the waves to give the impression they were bringing in the sparkling Sea Glass and pebbles to the beautiful sandy beach..

Then I created "Rock Pools" they would gleam like jewels in the wild Sea.

 When my eyes look at my felted rock setting in the Pale sunlight I imagine a glistening Sea which creates the most magical peaceful place which restores my soul and make me Happy.

 I would love to hear what you all think of My Sparkling Felted Rock???

In the last few months I have read about several Wool Artist that was using "Finn Wool" and how much they really liked this kind of wool..

 Above you will see the most beautiful pastel colors she dyed for me.  What you see is only 2 ozs. I have another bag of each of these colors.  I also order pure white Finn Wool and also some Locks.  

Below you will see a sneak peek photo of what I created with this lovely "Fin Wool".. VBG 

 I know I am a big tease but the next posting will be all about this special project...

 This past week I became another year older.  I wish I could slow down time.  I can always depend on My Family to make My Birthday very special.

 First a very lovely sparkling card with words that melt my heart. I received several lovely cards from family and friends.  I thank you all.

I also received a dozen of "Exquisite" Tulips in an array of sunny colors that was shipped to me overnight from California... They certainly brighten my day when I look at them..

  Thanks Shane, Jenny and Chloe for your thoughtfulness to send along this beautiful bouquet of flowers..
  I also loved  your Happy Birthday Song you all sang to me over the phone.  I will remember it always.

This past week I discovered that many of my "Follower's Blogs" are not being updated that I have posted a new blog posting to my blog..
  On their blogs it says I have not posted to My Blog in "One Year"..  I was so very surprised and sadden to be told this.

So I asked Karen from Karen Valentine Designs    to help me with this problem..  She spent many hours trying to fix the problem last night with no success. 

She ask me to post to my blog today and see what changes she made would work with a new posting..  It is amazing what computer expertise can do...My Blog is now updating.  Huge Very Big Smile.

 Thank you Thanks You Karen from the bottom of My Heart. 

And Thanks to all who have not given up on my blog and for always leaving your very lovely comments for me to read. 

Hugs Judy

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