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I would like to thank everyone who have visited my blog during the GYBP and for leaving all your very lovely comments for me to read.  They were all greatly appreciated. 

 I would also like to thank Vicki again from "2 Bags Full" for hosting this great GYBP....It was wonderful to visit old and visit new Blogging Friends.  Below is the photo of the Giveaway pressies I Hand Made with Love for "One" lucky person. 

I received 58 Very Kind and Wonderful Comments to read.  I wish I had a pressie for everyone.  This time I ask my Sweetie to give me a number from 1-58 and he said, 38. 

Number 38 comment was from Terriea at
 " Terrie-.-Smiling....."  Congratulation Terriea.

Terriea said,
  So pretty and lovely treasure box. I love felting and stitching. The mixed media creation is truly a darling little thing. Your blog is amazing. I follow you immediately

Thank you Terriea. I will email you soon. 

Needle Felted or Painting with Wool...
A Wild, Remote, Peaceful and Magical Highlands.

I created this Needle Felted Landscape that I call
 "Scottish Highlands By The Sea" 
during the month of January 2014.  

I had this scene in My Mind for some time. A good friend Carolyn from "Carolyn Saxby Mixed Media Textile Art"  gifted me some very lovely "Sea Glass" that she collected at
 St. Ives Sea Shore a couple of years ago.. I wanted to put these very special wee treasures back in the sand By The Sea ever since seeing them glimmer in my hands. Thank you Carolyn for the Inspiration for this art piece... 

My Sweetie renovated our Master Bathroom last year and I choose the theme of "BY THE SEA".. 

 When the back is Finished,  "My Needle Felted Wool Painting" will be going up in its special spot soon.

Why I choose the "Scottish Highlands" along with the Sea..

My Sweetie's "Grant"
family name can be traced back to 1697 from the town of Dunbar, Scotland. My DIL has been researching the "Family Tree" for several year. Thanks Robin for sharing your family history with me.

 I have never been to Scotland but this is how I imagine the "Highlands" would look with "Wooly Sheep" roaming about and with the beautiful "Heather" blooming everywhere.

In this photo I used "Art Yarn" to create "Texture" and it also created a horizontal line between the Mountains and the Highlands near the Scottish "Crofters Cottage".

The "Heather" I created with 
"Arctic Rays Wispy Fringe" thread so they would shimmer in the sun.  I also added wee beads to give the art piece lots of sparkle too.

I added dimensional "Rocks" along the shoreline to create "Rock Pools" that would Gleam like Jewels in the Sunshine.  I also wanted the "Rocks Pools" so the "Ceaseless Thunderous Waves" had something to crash into.. as they break into the "Beach"..

In this photo you can see the beautiful "Shimmering Sea Glass" I used 5 wee pieces in all.
I also created "Tyvek Beads" to give the beach wee pieces of "Drift Wood".

I also added "Sea Shells" collected from the Florida Beaches that was gifted to me by a friend.

  The Highlands would look lonely without wee
 "Wooly Sheep" roaming about..

More Sea Glass, Rocks, Drift Wood, Sea Shells and also several Vintage Shimmering Rock Beads I bought many years ago.. The Copper Badge with the word "Inspire"...which My Sweetie made for me.

My Sweetie also made the Copper Badge that says "Faith".. Faith has always given me the strength to endure difficult times and it also gives me confidence to go beyond my comfort zone to do things that I have Only "Dreamed" of doing!!! 

 The Story Behind My First Needle Felted Landscape Workshop!!

My Friends and I visited "Artsplace" during the local Holiday Arts and Craft Fair.  We stopped in to see the Art displayed at Artsplace.  While I was talking to the lady at the desk we started talking about Needle Felting and I said I had been needle felting for sometime.  She asked me to email her some of "MY Needle Felted Art" which I was very happy to do. 

Two weeks later I received a message asking me to teach a "Needle Felted Landscape Workshop. Kris and I talked on the phone and My Workshop was set for February 1st. 2014.  To say the least I was truly very excited and at the same time very very nervous..  VBG

Thank You Kris for giving me the Opportunity to "Teach Art" at Artsplace...
The "Artsplace" is the most beautiful building. It is surrounded by Beautiful Art inside and out.

This is a photo of the Bi-Monthly Publication for the Newaygo County Arts and Culture Connections.

This was the Felted Landscape Workshop description.  It seems unbelievable to see My Name Published in it to give an Art Workshop..

My First 8 Wonderful Artistic Students. 

I created a PDF workshop Pamphlet for My Students with step by step instructions on how to create a Needle Felted Landscape from start to finish and plus much more. 

The workshop was 4 hours long.  Everyone had the front of their landscape finished.  All they needed to do was to add embroidery and beading if they wanted to and finish the back.. which I gave them instruction on how to do..

Everyone was so very kind and everyone laughed and chatted and we all had a fun time.

 All my worries and nervousness just vanished when I started talking and teaching my students.  I was told over and over again how much they were all enjoying the class.

 I was surprised when ONE student asked, is this your "First Time" Teaching Needle Felting??

I laughed and told My Students that My Dear Husband told me NOT to tell my students this was My First Class.  Very Big Smile....  Everyone laughed and said, they would of never know.

  Kris came in to visit us several times to show visitors to the Center our class and the student's art.

 Several students were interested in taking another class and Kris asked me If I would be willing to teach another workshop.  She told me there was several people on a waiting list for the this class that missed out.

 So I am now booked for another Needle Felted Landscape Workshop on April 12th.
Below is an up close photo of all the student's art piece.

A Pond in the Woods....

The Desert Southwest.....

A Mountain Sunrise...

An Autumn Reflection....

A Mountain Waterfall....

Sand Dunes and Beach Grass by a Lake.....

Ocean and the Beach....

Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park..

All My Lovely Students with their Very Creative and Beautiful Needle Felted Landscape..

 I will always "Cherish" the Very Fond Memories of My First Needle Felted Landscape Workshop!!!

  Thank you ALL..

My Sweetie gave me the Most Wonderful Valentines Card.  
It said, that Being Next to you is MY HAPPY PLACE!!!  Being Next to My Sweetie is also

I am hoping the Calla lily will last a long time. I enjoy seeing a wee bit of Spring in our Home...

 Our Winter has been the most brutal in 35 years... Endless snow blizzard after snow blizzard.  I was experiencing "Cabin Fever" Big Time so My Sweetie took us for a Day Drive.  It was on a rare Sunny Day and OH, did we have a great day.. 

 More about the Day Trip Next time. A Belated Happy Valentines Day to You All. 

Thanks for stopping to visit My Blog and leaving your lovely comments to read... 

The British Isles holds a special place in My Heart and I have been sadden to read and see the photos of the horrific flooding in the south of England.. My thoughts and Prayers go out to you all.. 

Hugs Judy


Terriea Kwong said...

Thank you so much Judy. How glad I'm the winner. Your works are amazing. So dainty and creative. No wonder your students are inspired. They made beautiful pictures.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Judy ~ What a wonderful post and congratulations on your first felting class and the upcoming one as well. The creations were all fantastic!!!

It looks like you had a lovely Valentine's day ~ have a great weekend too ~ FlowerLady

Jennifer said...

Congratulations to Terriea! Your work is really beautiful. You're very talented and everything you make is so unique and intricate.

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Judy, wow, what an amazing workshop and everyone made quite the work of art! You must be a wonderful teacher! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Radka said...

I love your felt pictures :-)

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Judy!
Love your Scottish Highlands By The Sea! The sea glass sets it off beautifully.
Congratulations on teaching your first needle felting class! I bet it was so much fun, and you must have done a great job as the students did a great job, too.
I'm so glad you got to have a little trip to break up the bleak winter days - can't wait to hear about it. :)
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hello Judy thank you for posting such a great set of pics of your class, the students artscapes are so lifelike, just great work. I'm sure all the ladies enjoyed the class and your teaching. Your Valentine is so cute.
hugs Lyn, Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Hello Judy, forgot to say your colours of Scottish Highlands are wonderful, I am lucky enough to of travelled to Scotland and i was reminded of the beautiful mauves and greens of the countryside in your felted needle scape.
hugs Lyn in much cooler Melbourne

Joy said...

Hello my friend, and congratulation to you on your first class teaching - how wonderful that these ladies could come under your spell and learn some of the tricks of your beautiful craft, and what lovely works they all turned out.
Congratulations also to Terriea for winning such a beautiful piece of art, made by your loving and very capable hands - your work is really amazing Judy, no wonder you are already booked to continue teaching!
I have really enjoyed this jam-packed-full-of-talent-post, you have captured the Scottish highlands perfectly, and look forward to seeing your next project on the go!
Warm hugs, Joy xo

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Judy
Beautiful art in this post. I love the look of felted landscapes. You have been pretty darned ambitious during the LOOOOOONG winter.
xx, Carol

Judy S. said...

Nice! That must have been a fun workshop; it sure had some nice results! Stay warm!

Astri Bowlin said...

I wish I would have been student number 9 - that sounds like so much fun and the projects all turned out so beautiful! Just think... a Norwegian cool would that have been! Congratulations on a class well taught, Judy. I am so proud of you.

Jane Galley said...

Glad you enjoyed your class and it all went well. I'm sure you'll enjoy many more

margaret said...

you have really caught the heather colours in your piece Judy, I knew before I started reading about it it was based on Scotland with the colours. Great pieces from the students too I am sure your classes will be very popular

Suztats said...

Wow! Great felted piece, Judy and congrats on teaching your first felting class-- sounds like there will be many more in the days ahead. Yay!

Dianne said...

Oh Judy, your students did the most beautiful art pieces - good teacher eh?? Congratulations on running a superb class just wish I could have joined you :-) Fantastic Valentine card and pretty lily. Lucky you. You are an artist Judy to create something so wonderful as your interpretation of the Scottish Highlands. Well done. Look forward to hearing about your nice day out.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Judy, Wow--such gorgeous Needle Felting Landscape projects you have... So glad you got the opportunity to teach and share your talents with others. I'll bet this will be the first of MANY classes there you will teach... Congrats...

Love the Yellowstone one and of course the waterfall!!!!!! BUT--they are all truly amazing.... You are the BEST.


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello dear Judy
Congrats to Terriea - lucky lucky girl!

I wish I lived closer as I would really enjoy doing your felting class too.
I visit and belong to several felting blogs and it fascinates me, but I wouldn't know where to start!
I admire your creativity with the Scottish Highlands by the Sea, little rock pools and your found pieces from the coastline. Just beautiful!


Mrs. Micawber said...

Oh my goodness, what a talented bunch of ladies in your class! They obviously had a good teacher.... :)

It has been a brutal winter, hasn't it? More so for you than for me, I think. Hang in there - spring is on the way!

Down by the sea said...

Congratulations to your winner and your students who created such beautiful pieces with your instructions. Sarah x

Trace4J said...

Good Morning Friend
I am in awe of your felted landscapes.
Truly a work of art.
Woolie Blessings

Mereknits said...

I know I already told you how amazing that landscape is but I have to tell you again, it is gorgeous. You are so talented as one who creates, and one who teaches.

Ladybird Diaries said...

Your needle felted landscape is beautiful and you have captured the Scottish Highlands beautifully.
Marianne x

Betsy said...

Look at what I've been missing! You are obviously a wonderful teacher. All of these are absolute work of art. I love them all! Especially Old Faithful as we've been there several times. It has am amazing resemblance to the real thing.
How lucky you are to have a Hubby who is your happy place. Mine is the same and I can't imagine life without him.
Thank you for taking the time to email me today. I'm so sorry I've lost you lately but I promise I'll be back soon and will try to keep up better.
Blessings my friend,

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