Saturday, January 14, 2012



Winter has finally arrived 2 1/2 months late but it came with a fury. In my lifetime I have never seen Winter arrive so late.  Very strange indeed.  

Usually by now we have about 4 feet of snow on the ground but today we have about 4 inches of snow instead. I am very thankful for this.  Of course I am NO fan of Winter so I truly wish there was none. LOL  Give me warmth and sunshine any day. Hopefully Spring will arrive "Early" instead of late.  vbg  Below is a photo of our backyard with the snowy scene. 
For the last several days I have been recouping from a bad cold which has been no fun.  "Grumble, Grumble".  LOL  Sorry about this.  It has now been 6 days and I am feeling a whole lot better so I decide to share with you some of "My Sweetie's Creative Endeavors"!!  

Below are two "Copper Words Images" My Sweetie made for me back in the Autumn.  I used them on My Flower Pincushion which made it IMHO more special.  I like them so much I ask if he could make me some more in my favorite words.
Below are the results of My Sweetie's "Handmade with Love Copper Word Images".  

The process of making these wonderful copper words is very long.  First he made a "Jig" to hold the copper stripes in so they do not move while being stamped.   Then he Stamps the Letters on them with a hammer.  The copper is still sharp around the edges so he sands and files them smooth.

But the best part that I think really makes them special is he puts a patina on them that makes the words "glow" like a rainbow.  I truly love them.  The photo below does not do them justice.

Some of my favorite words are, "Kindred Spirits", "Kindness Matters", "Inspire", "Bliss", "Faith", "Love",  and then he made me my initials, "JG".  I can use them on my pieces of art I create. Thank you "My Sweetie" for making these words for me.  More words will be forthcoming soon.   What do you all think??? 

I am thinking we may start selling them.  Not really sure if there is a market for them or not?? What do you all think??

I started back stitching on my Pomegranate Table Rug.  I took an up close photo of some on my stitching. 

Some of the stitching I used so far are the "Drizzle Stitch" around the pink velvet buds. I used a Kreninik Metallic Fine #8 Braid in a Pale Pink. 

I used French Knots and beads in the center buds.   Around the edges of the center buds I used Silk Chenille in "Sophie's Strawberries Pink". I also used this same thread around the center slices. I really love this thread.  Back to stitching on this snowy day in Michigan.
I will leave you all with a wee poem I think means so much.  

OF  all Happinesses, the most charming is that of a Firm and Gentle Friendship. It sweetens all Our Cares, Dispels Our Sorrows, and Counsels us in all Extremities.

Till next time My Dear Blogging Friends, Please Take Care.  

Hugs Judy
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