Saturday, December 8, 2012


Hello Everyone,

First, today I will announce the "Winner" of My Christmas Giveaway.  "Gertie the Christmas Owl" has been waiting in the wings to find out where her New Home will be......

Below Gilda, Gertie and Gussie is holding the winner's greeting to me. Congratulation to "Magnolia Tea" you are the lucky winner.  Please email me your address so I can send along to you "Gertie The Christmas Owl".  Thanks to everyone who left me lovely comments to read.  I enjoyed reading them all. 

I have been busy decorating our home for Christmas and would like to share some photos with you all. 

 Last year we downsized our tree to a 4 foot one. I like it so much better. This photo was taken about 1 week ago.  Outside you see green grass which just about looks like Spring weather instead of a December's Winter Day.. 

On our wee tree you will find lovely handmade crochet snowflakes in red glitter and ones in gold glitter made for us by My Dear Friend Ulla in Germany.  I truly Treasure them.  

The rest of the Ornament I also bought in Germany from the village of Lauscha. See more of Lauscha and their glassblowers here.

. Below are more Treasured decorations from Germany and Russia.. The Pickle Ornament I hide every year so our grandchildren can search for it. This has become a family tradition which we all enjoy.

Below is a My Christmas Village from Germany.   The Christmas Tree, Santa and a Snowman are all Smokers that were made and bought in Seiffen.

  The wee Chapel and Carolers are a replica of the church in Seiffen.  The Christmas Blue and White Bell is from Poland.

I love my Christmas Quilt. All the scenes are created by machine embroidery.  It was given to me as a gift a very long time ago.

Below is my art.  I called it "Bavaria Winter Wonderland" and created it in 2010. It took me 6 months to stitch.  Since it has been finished it has sat in a drawer so this year I decided to have it matted and hung on the wall. I think the Matt Store enhanced My Art and I was really pleased with their work.  The Silver frame sparkles and is from Italy.  What do you all think???

Below is My Doppelschwibbogen. They are made by the Woodcrafters in the village of Seiffen.  Seiffen is located in the Erzgebirge Region in the Mts of Eastern Germany by the Czech. border.  Click on the link above to read more about how they were used many long years ago.

While on vacation this past Autumn we visited an area called Door County Wisconsin.  It is a small peninsula that goes out into Lake Michigan.  It is a lovely region. 

 While there I visited a Tannenbaum Holiday Shop.  I took several photos of their very lovely decorated tree but this one was my very favorite.  It is an Upside Down Christmas Tree all decorated with Sparkling Owls.  Oh, how I love the Wise Owl.  It was the inspiration of Gertie the Christmas Owl I crocheted.  What do you all think of the Upside Down Christmas Tree???

Below is a couple of photos from the Christmas Market in Vienna Austria taken by My Dear Friend Ulla's daughter Anjana.  Anjana was so kind and thoughtful to take some photos of this Christmas Market when she and her parents were visiting it.  Oh how I loved visiting Christmas Markets while I was living in Germany.

This AM we awoke to a lovely Winter Wonderland.  All the trees had a lovely sparkle to them. It was just a light dusting of snow which I always enjoy.

I would like to wish all My Family and Blogging Friends a Very Merry Christmas and A lovely Happy and Healthy New Year.

I will leave you with a Holiday thought. 

There is more, much more to Christmas  then Candle Lights and Cheer: 
It's the Spirit of "Sweet Friendship" that Brightens all Year. 
It's :Thoughtfulness and Kindness", its Hope Reborn, for Peace, for Understanding, and for Goodwill to men!! 

Take care all and I will see you all in the New Year. 

Hugs Judy


Quayceetatter said...

Congratulations to "Magnolia Tea"! Thanks Judy for sharing Christmas Open House!! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday!!
Linda in NM

Magnolia Tea said...

Wow, I'm surprised! Thank you Judy.
I love the wall quilt and Bavaria Winter Wonderland! Have a wonderful weekend!

margaret said...

it was lovely to see your home all ready for Christmas.A great quilt to bring out every year. Never seen an upsidedown tree before, i did have half a tree once that went on a wall, wish I had not got rid of it as no room for a tree in this house.

Deb H said...

Beautiful Judy! I saw the green out your window there & thought, "where is the snow?". Glad to see the winter pic.

I of course recognized your beautiful art right away!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Ronda Walker said...

Hi Judy, it's Ronda the newbie from Wooliebuddies group. Your blog is beautiful. I started my blog in Sept and am still learning about blog design. I'll be following you and when I have more time will spend some time enjoying your past posts. Thanks again for reaching out to me.

My blog is,

Anonymous said...

The owls are cute, and that snow tree is just gorgeous - from here. =)

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