Friday, May 4, 2012


Hello Everyone,
Spring has finally really arrived in the loveliest way!  Mother Robin took up housekeeping in my Clematis Bush!

This very lovely French Lilac Bush is in it 4th Spring and these are it first ever blooms.  I told it last Summer if it did not bloom this Spring I was going to give it the boot.  LOL I guess talking to your flowers and bushes really works.

I am still creating Tyveks Beads. Love them.   I also found some Buttons that looked like Sea Shells to me.  I plan to use them in a seascape in the near future.  I bought some more Martha Stewart Pearl Paints so more beautiful Tyvek beads will be created soon. 

More lovely Pink/Gold Tyvek Beads. I really enjoy making them.  They always come out uniquely different.

My sweetie and I went on a road trip down to the Indiana Amish Country.  Lately I have been in the Yarn Mood and I found the most neatest Yarn Shop.  I found some very creative wools.  

Some very pretty yarn called Little Flowers which I really like allot.  I know I will need to add another yarn with it before I use it but not sure what kind.  Has anyone ever used the Little Flower Yarn??

I also found some very lovely sparkling Ribbons. Any ideas what to make with it??

Below is My sweet Grand Daughter which I finally got to visit with at Easter Time.  We all went out to dinner together.  She warms my heart and makes me smile.  What a joy to have grand children.

I have been stitching on My Anne OF Green Gable journal page and it is about 80% finished.  It has been 2 years in the making.  lol  So hopefully next time I will have some stitching to share with you all.  

I would like to wish all My Blogging Friends a Very Fun and Enjoyable Happy Mother's Day.  

Hugs Judy


Mosaic Magpie said...

I love those beads you have created! The yarns you bought are yummy too! I noticed one was a Louisa Harding yarn, those are always so pretty.

baukje said...

Oh Judy, what a lovely granddaughter do you have , such a sweetie.
You are okay Lucky you to be able to go to Amish shops!!!!!!!
Hugs Baukje

Heather said...

Hi Judy.. (not sure if this will post twice or not as I already did it once)... those eggs are just so beautiful, unbelievable blue colour... your little treasures and your sweet little grand daughter are just too precious. Hugs.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Beautiful yarn. Did you get it in Shipshewanna? Your granddaughter is a lovely little lady. My oldest grandson will be 17 tomorrow. Time is certainly flying by.

You have a wonderful Mother's Day too. I know that great guy of yours will make it special.

shirley said...

Judy your grandaughter is beautiful, and what lovely hair she has....takes after grandma does she....
I would love to have that gorgeous robins nest in my garden. Imagine how wonderful it will be when the babies hatch.
Your beads are to die for just amazing and are going to be wonderful in your sea scene.
I dont knit but can appreciate those lovely yarns i am sure you will come up with some beautiful items from them.

Bev C said...

Hello Judy,

Oh your Grandaughter has the most beautitful smile. Give her a hug. Love the yarn you purchased. Have fun with it. Love the Robin's nest,hope the babies will hatch.
Happy days.

Linda said...

Hi Judy, what a beautiful post, full of photographs of beautiful things. Love everything of course, eggs, yarns, beads, but most of all, I have to say the smile and gleaming eyes of your precious grand daughter has warmed my heart. What a gorgeous child!! Thank you for sharing your purchases, and part of your family. Hope your lilac blooms for years and years to come. Cheers.

margaret said...

Judy, what a happy time I had reading your latest blog, if I commented on everything I would be here all day!Beautiful granddaughter you have there.
Such beautiful yarns around at the moment great to use in embroidery projects, I like the thick textured ones for couching on bags etc.
Must have a play with some tyvek, not done any since late 1990`s but have some slashed away somewhere.
My lilac flowered beautifully last year but no good this time, fingers crossed for next year.

Dianne said...

Hello Judy, Your tyvek beads are wonderful and I can't wait to see how you use them. The whole post was heart warming - the brilliant blue robin eggs, your lilac bush (wish I could smell it), the fabulous yarns you have purchased and most of all that gorgeous little grand daughter of yours with the radiant smile. She sure is a stunner!!

Magnolia Tea said...

Hi Judy! What a wonderful post! I love lilacs, they're so fragrant and beautiful.
Your beads are just gorgeous. Can't wait to see how you use them.
Have a great week!

jenclair said...

I love fabric beads! I need to make some more for a piece I'm working--thanks for the reminder.

Your granddaughter is beautiful. Grandkids are just the best!

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

Judy grandchildren are the best in world, your tyveks beads are so beautiful and your yarn looks wonderful. Wish you a Happy Mother's day.

Solstitches said...

What a lovely post July.
You little granddaughter is a doll, so sweet.
Beautiful yarns and oh, those robins eggs are the most glorious colour!

Judy said...

Good morning Judy,

This is my first visit to your blog. I love it! Your Robin nest made me smile so big...beautiful Robin egg blue! What a color! Speaking of beautiful...your little granddaughter is a doll! I'm so glad you got to visit with her. I look forward to seeing your Anne of Green Gables block.

Judy in Mississippi

baukje said...

Sue's class was fabulous and so was Italy, thanks for your sweet comment.

vicki said...

Judy - your little grand daughter is precious- what a sweet smile she has on that pretty face!

That yarn -- oh my -- it made me gasp!!

Yarn just makes me weak in the knees!!!


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