Monday, February 6, 2012

Pomegranate Stitching Snow Drought Kitchen Renovation Started

Hello Everyone,

Wow, how time passes quickly. It seems these days I am more than busy.  LOL  But thank goodness, I have found some precious time for my passion of stitching.   

I started My Pomegranate Table Rug back in November 2011.  I now have 1/2 of the table rug completed.  I will do the same stitching on the opposite end.   I have truly enjoyed stitching on this project. I have pushed my comfort zone and learned some new stitches which has really been fun for me. 

(1) I have used my very favorite drizzle stitch around the pink velvet seeds. The drizzle stitch is created with a Kreinik Fine # 8 Braid in a Pale Pink ( 192 color).

(2) I couched down the Chenille Yarn around the border of the Pomegranate with the Buttonhole Stitch using Watercolours by Caron # 149 Cherry Cordial color. 

(3) I also did the same around the Pomegranate slices in the middle but on this one I used Sophie's Strawberry Silken Chenille Thread by Thread Gatherers. 

(4) Along the outside slices edges I used the Palestrina Stitch and used Weeks Dye Works Pearl #5 and the color was Camellia number 2276P5.

(5) I also used lots of #8 sparkling pink beads.

I had lots of fun creating the top of the Pomegranate. I created a Woven Picot Stitch and made them 2 1/2 and 2 inches long by using a Hat Pin. 

(1) The thread I used on this stitch is made by Waterlilies by Caron and the color is Coral Blush 053.  I  have never made the woven picot stitch this long before and it was fun creating them.

 I created the small leaves by couching down Chenille Yarn by using Waterlilies by Caron.  I lost the tag on it but it was 3 shades of pale lime greens.  

(1) I created the Bullion Stitch around the Center Velvet Pink Leaf with Waterlilies By Caron # 190 Fraises du Bois.

(2) The center veins was created with the "Drizzle Stitch" using My New Favorite thread called,  Threadworx Kreinik Fine #8 Braid in the color 71081. I absolutely LOVE this metallic variegated metallic color thread.  Love it!!! 

So what do you all think of the Pomegranate Table Rug so far??

I was watching Martha Stewart Show during the Christmas Holidays and saw them create an artistic Walnut Treasure Box.  This is my version of it.  I used 18 Kt. Gold Leafing Pen to color the outside of the walnut.  They left theirs plain inside but I decided to put red velvet inside mine to give it more of Majestic Royal look.  LOL  What do you all think??? 

Next The Kitchen Renovating, The Beginning!

We have now lived in our Retirement Home for 7 plus years.  Since we have moved in each Spring/Summer we do some kind of project to make it more to our liking. 

The "Kitchen" is our last big project and we decided to pass our long cold Winter by starting now on it. The only thing we decided to leave the same was the cupboards.  Way to expensive to change.   
(1) The first to go was the old counter top and back splash. In the photo above you only see the raw wood that was under the old laminate counter top that was already removed. That all came out too.  

(2) On Wednesday February 1st our new Corian Hard Surface Counter Top arrived. It took them 5 hours to install it.  The color is called Talc Oyster and it has wee specks of white, cream and light beige all the way through it.  I love it. 

(3) Before the counter top arrived Bill put up the new Back Splash of Wainscoting  and sometime it is called Bead Board. We painted it a Porcelain Skin color.  I am so pleased so far.  What a huge different it has already made.

(4)My Sweetie has been working many long hours and I truly appreciate his dedication to this project.

Next was the new Cast Iron Enamel Sink in the color of Almond.  

(1) I wanted some "Art" in my kitchen and pick out some "Old Fashion Moen Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucet"!  I was a bit nervous going with the bronze with the Almond thinking it made be to dark for it but after it was in I really like it allot. What do you all think??  

(2)  I have order a small Wall Tile Mural to go above the sink along with some smaller glass tiles.  We are waiting for the Mural to arrive. We have already painted the walls. Photos next time.  

(3)  I hope you all will follow along with our New Kitchen Renovation we are hoping to have it all done by March 1st. Fingers Crossed because living in a very messy Kitchen is NO fun!! LOL  

Our Weather people are now calling the Winter of 2012 a "Snow Drought"!!  I think our total this winter has been about 5 inches.   Last year  we had about 5 foot of snow at this time of year. Below is a photo of our snow in February 2011.

Below is a photo of February of this year.  NO Snow!! I have never in my life time seen NO snow in February.  My birthday is at the end of February and there is usually a snow blizzard brewing but this year I am hoping there will be No snow.  VBG Do you think I will be so lucky??  LOL
I greatly appreciated you all visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments for me to read. I always value your opinions. 

Some thoughts from My Heart.
When good friends walk beside us, 
On the trails that we must keep, 
Our burdens seem less heavy, 
And the hills are not so steep, 
 The weary miles pass swiftly, 
Taken in a joyous stride, 
And all the world seems brighter, 
When friends walk by our side. 

Thank You All For Being My Friends.

Hugs Judy


Sue said...

Your stitching is just beautiful! This is looking really awesome.

Kitchen remodels are a great thing aren't they? It's nice to freshen up each room when we can.

Sharon said...

Oh my! Your stitching is beautiful! The only stitch you mentioned that I have done is the bullion stitch. I love the idea of couching yarn though I have yet to try couching.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bronze faucet with your ivory sink!!! I think it is perfect!! The wainscoting is SO pretty too! If you have it in you, you could paint your cabinets to lighten things up even more. There are lots of sites that explain the process and most will tell you that it is best to prime them and then use an enamel based paint. I will be following along with your renovations! My little kitchen needs a big re-do!! One of these days. :)

Maureen said...

Love your stitching Judy and the walnut is great.Your kitchen is looking really good.Still have some snow left tonight even tho' the rain washed some of it away.
I like the verse very much it's lovely!!

shirley said...

Oh Judy your pomegrant stitching is just gorgeous...You have done a marvellous job with it and all the different stitches. I love sewing with the Caron threads theyare beautiful to use.

Like you kitchen renovations so far The bronze taps are a great choice to go with the timber in the cupboards. It looks a nice warm kitchen. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Your colour choices are great.

Linda said...

I really love your pomegranate stitching Judy, everything is well placed, the threads are beautiful, congratulations. Thank you also for letting us know the stitches you've used. I really love your long woven picots. Your little gilded walnut is too cute.

Your kitchen gorgeous is that benchtop!! I hope it is done soon, and you are back to normal. I just adore the new tap [faucet], and think it will really enhance the look of your kitchen. Your hubby is one very handy fellow indeed.

Well, for you I suppose no snow is good snow, so we'll keep hoping you don't have to deal with it. It looks magical to us here where it never snows, but I couldn't live with it. Take care, and thanks for the gorgeous verse. Cheers.

Suztats said...

Wonderful stitching! i love the woven picot stitch and yours looks wonderful!
The kitchen is looking sooo goood!

Quayceetatter said...

Love the pomegrant and your stitching is just gorgeous...Thanks for explaining all the beautiful stitching. Love the walnut,did not know gold leaf came in a pen. Kitchen is taking on a new the contertop and sink. The faucets are perfect!! Enjoyed the friends poem also. NM has snow this morning.

Frances Leate said...

Your pomegranate stitching is very impressive and thank you for such a detailed description of all the stitches you have used. I will be looking forward to seeing its progress. Love your kitchen renovations so far and you have made some fabulous choices. Good luck with the snow situation. Take care.

Bev C said...

Hello Judy,

I enjoyed reading about the stitches you used to creat the Pomegrante,almost looks good enough to eat. Your husband is doing a wonderful job on your new kitchen. Interesting to hear about your snow situation too.
Happy days.

Heather said...

Wow Judy, you sure have put in a lot of work to your stitching project... I am sure it will be absolutely stunning when you are done and it will be one of those works that make you feel good about what you have done... I want to try Caron threads some time and it is interesting to see you have used a few on this. Good luck with your renos, they are always tough to live through, but I know you will be happy when you are done... I can't believe you have no snow, in total, we have received about 25 inches so far this year, but we are also having a strange winter temperature wise... oh well, it is already February, so spring will be here soon enough!... Hugs.

Magnolia Tea said...

Wow, the table rug is just gorgeous! I can't wait to see it all finished.

Your kitchen re-do is fabulous! I'm so glad I'm not the only person without a black countertop. :)

Have a great weekend!

Cathy K said...

Wow, you Have been busy!! First of all your stitching is absolutely gorgeous. That pomegranate is to die for! I love how your kitchen is coming along. When we redid ours, we also added bronze accents and special tiles, only our tiles (also bronze) were above the stove. Anyway, you are going to love it!! Keep us posted, and I hope your birthday is snow-free too!! Hugs, Cat

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

Judy thanks for visit and sweet comment on my blog, so nice to see your wonderful embroideries.

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