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On November 3rd and 4th I took my first "Sue Spargo Workshop" at 
"Smith Owen's Quilt Shop" in Grand Rapids, Mi.  I anxiously awaited for this class for several months.  I picked up my Kit for the class the first week of August so I had been planning and creating embellishments for the Pomegranate Table Rugs for months.  I had a wonderful time and learn some new stitches and met some new friends too.  

The kit was made up of "Orange" wools and velvets, dark greens and grays.  None of those colors would go in my home so I had my friend DeEtta from 
"Fiddlehead Finery",  hand dye me some wools for the whole project. I even bought some pinkish and green hand dyed velvets to use too.

Instead of doing a middle flower My Pomegranate Table Rug I decided to rug hook a star circle for the center.  I just learned how to do rug hooking this past September so this was a bit of a challenge for me.  I was very pleased to finish it the night before the class.  Thanks do DeEtta and her lovely hand dyed wools the wool in the star circle turn out just perfect. Thanks DeEtta. 

Around the star center I added chenille yarn that gave it more dimension.
Below is an up close photo of the Hooked Rug Star Circle.

Below is a photo of the unfinished Pomegranate Table Rug.  I have lots of stitching and stuff to add to it yet.  I was hoping to have it done by this Christmas of course this is not going to happen.  I am really hopefully for next Christmas.

I have been also making some Sue Spargo Seasonal Stitches Christmas Ornaments. The pattern is the November/December Issue of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.

Below is a photo of three Smith Owen's Quilt Shop employees and Kathy the lady that travels with Sue Spargo. Kathy is holding the coffee.

Below is a photo of Lisa  with her big smile. Lisa fingers were very busy. Lisa has a lovely blog called, 
"Strayed Threads"! I will have to post another photo when Lisa gets her project done.

Another new friend is Susan and her blog is called "Sukylady's Studio". Susan has lots of photos from our Sue Spargo Workshop on her blog that you may want to take a look at. Susan Eldest daughter Fiona took the needle book class on the 3rd day and did some lovely stitching.

The lady across from me at my table was a lovely lady named Pauline.  This was a photo of the progress she made on her Pomegranate.

Pauline also brought along her finished top called Crimson Tweed to share with us all.  It was truly lovely.

Another lady Lynne brought along her finished top called Mercer Lane. She truly did some fantastic and creative stitching on it. I love it.

Below is another photo of Lynne's Mercer Lane. She created some lovely dimensional flowers that were just stunning to her quilt. Susan has a photo of Lynne's whole Mercer Lane Quilt on her blog if you would like to see it.

Susan had this BOM bird block with her. It was truly lovely.  Susan's stitching was truly very creative and beautiful too. 

Of course I had lots of fun collecting more hand dyed wools and all kinds of lovely threads.  

I learned some new beading techniques. I also learned some neat techniques working with velvets too.  

All and all I had a fantastic time chatting and learning at the workshop. 

We had our first snowflakes fly this past Thursday but they did not stay on the ground long.  Thank goodness.  But the temperatures are getting a bit cooler everyday and the winds are blowing stronger so I do not think our "Winter" is far off. 
Stay warm my friends.

Hugs Judy

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