Saturday, April 23, 2011



Today here in Michigan it is a bit over casted and coolish for this time of year.  But tomorrow promises to bring "Sunshine"!

My Easter Catus is in Bloom.  It has the most gorgeous and unusual bloom I have ever seen.  I just love it. I will have to try and stitch it into a project. 

In the past year I have learned how to crochet.  I am progressing slowly but have come to enjoy it a great deal. 

Below is the most lovely, unique and special crochet doily I have ever seen.  Because Easter is My Most Favorite Holiday I ask Donna of
 "Crochet Treasured" online Etsy Shop to make me one. Donna your crocheting is awesome and this doily is truly beautiful.  Thanks a million for creating it for me. 

About a week or so ago I received a surprised package in the post.  Hmmmmmm I wonder who had sent it. I discovered Di My Dear Friend from QLD. Australia had sent it along. Di has a lovely blog called, 
 "Dinky Di Quilting and Crafts" please have a look I am sure you will enjoy your visit.  
Oh my goodness what lovely goodies were inside.  Beautiful Pastel fabrics from Kaffe Fassett.  A very pretty Japanese wood seam ripper and a couple of buttons and a pretty yellow butterfly.  Di also included some very lovely Hand-Dyed Perle Thread made in South Africa. Thanks Di a million for your lovely surprised gift.   

Below is a photo of some goodies I bought for myself from an online store owned by Valerie Bothell of 
 "The Pink Bunny"! Valerie has some very very lovely threads, silk ribbon, embellishments and patterns any crazy quilter would absolutely love to have.

In the photo below you will also find some more goodies I bought from Chris Daley from
"Greetings From The Shady Grove". You will find the lovely hand-dyed velvet fabrics in Chris's etsy shop. I look forward to stitching on them.
I have a passion for roses and I truly love working with felt.  Paulette from New York creates the most lovely roses from felt. 

Paulette has an etsy shop called, "Beedeebabee" please have a look I am sure you will enjoy your visit. Today Paulette package arrived and it wrapped so very pretty.  Paulette also sent along a very pretty wee felt chick pin as a surprise.. Thank you Paulette I truly admire you creations.

I would like to leave everyone with a wee poem on Friendship.
Friends! in this world of hurry
And work and sudden end-----------
If a thought comes quick of doing
A Kindness to a Friend-----------
Do it this very instant!
Don't put it off-----don't wait!
What's the use of doing a kindness
If you do it a day too late?

Charles Kingsley

Again I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy and Glorious Easter!


Sunday, April 10, 2011


Also Happy Pink Saturday!
I have joined this group and Debbie is the person behind it. Debbie's blog is called
"How Sweet The Sound". It is a very lovely blog with many more wonderful blogs listed to visit!

Hello Everyone,


I have been working for the last 3 1/2 months on a Fabric Journal Page that I am calling "Dreaming Of Spring"!  It is the first page of my Journal Book that is going to reflect My Art and My Life with My Sweetie! I have never made a Journal Book before but I have admired many others journal books over the last several years.

The theme of this page title was in my head for all of last Winter so I just had to create a bit of art that would express this idea and feeling.

So to begin I crazy pieced a block in some of my favorite pastel colors that would look like Spring!

This photo is of an up close section of the Crazy Quilt Stitched block.  Top photo is of the Angelina Fiber Pond with rippling waters, colorful grasses and blooms, a couple of bunnies and a hidden Easter Egg. Can anyone find it?

The bottom section of this photo show the Bunny Path with lots of blooming flowers more colorful grasses, more Bunnies, and another hidden Easter Egg.  Can you find this one?

In the photo above you will see an up close of my French Knot Cherry Tree with several shades of pink blossoms. The lovely tatted Butterfly was created by My Friend Wendy from Singapore. Wendy's blog is called,
"Umi & Tsuru" and I am sure you would enjoy visiting it.
In the bottom section of this photo you will find more lovely blooms, and another hidden Easter Egg.  Can you find this one??

On the back of the Journal Page l created a wee Poem I also called, "Dreaming Of Spring" I am not a writer but it also reflects how much I anticipated seeing Spring this Year.

Yes, and finally the finished "Dreaming Of Spring" journal Page. The page is 8 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches long.  It is not your typical page size but I wanted my page sizes bigger so I had more room to stitch on it. 

I used many different kinds of stitches to create this journal page. I used the Scroll, Bullion, French Knot, Raised Chain Band,  Ghiordes Knot, Cast-On Buttonhole, Detached Buttonhole, Drizzle, Long and Short and Up and Down stitch. I have decided with each journal page I will try and learn a new stitch and in this page I used several new ones to me.

I also used many different kinds of threads. For the first time I used Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille thread which I absolutely loved. I used it throughout the whole page using the French Knot stitch and it gave my page so much sparkle to it.  I also used Kreinik Very Fine Braid Metallic thread to do the primitive hand stitching. I also love this thread. Other threads I used are Water Colours by Caron, Threadworx overdyed, Silk and Ivory Stardust, Fuzzy Stuff by Rainbow Gallery, The Thread Gathering Silk N Colors. 

I have been buying both of these Japanese Magazine off and on for many years.  I bought both Quilt Japan and Patchwork Tsushin in the last couple of weeks.  I really love them and they have some wonderful Easter Patterns in them I think I will try to make.  I have bought them on "E-Quilter" and on a Etsy site called,

I would like to thank everyone for letting me know the name of My lovely Pink Begonia.  It is blooming even more now. It is so very Pretty. 

 At Christmas time I bought a Christmas Catus Blush and when I transplanted it all its wee buds that were coming out dropped off so it did not bloom at Christmas. So now you can see it is starting to bloom again.  I look forward to seeing the blooms I just hope that it will bloom for me again this coming Christmas. 

I would like to thank all my Family, Friends and Blogging Friends who visit my blog.   I always truly enjoy reading everyone comments.  

"Tis Friends who make this desert world to blossom as the rose; strew flowers o'er our rugged path, pour sunshine o'er our woes. 

Hugs to everyone, 

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