Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hello Everyone!

We wish Everyone A Very Happy and Healthy New Year in 2012!
Time is passing to quickly, I can hardly believe tomorrow will be 2012. 

Our weather this past year has been so unpredictable and awful across the USA. But here in Michigan we have missed most of the weather disasters which makes us feel very fortunate indeed.

Usually our Winter snowfall starts in November and by Thanksgiving we have plenty of snow on the ground.  I will admit Winter is not my favorite season. I have to admit I have never seen a Winter like this in Michigan.  We still have NO snow. The photo below was taken on Christmas Day and today on New Years Eve the site outside our windows remain the same.  NO Snow!!  I must say I am enjoying this lovely pleasant weather!! LOL   

My Sweetie has gifted me with some money soooooo I went on a wee shopping spree and bought some things on My Wish List.Some new books and some more lovely threads and flosses to add to my collection. In the Art Kit are 12 spools of 12 Wt. Wool threads by Aurifil. These are new to me and I am looking forward to stitching with them. I really enjoy stitching with Valdani Pearl Cotton threads. During the Sue Spargo workshop I was introduced to Bozzolo no. 24 silk threads which Sue uses for beading. Filato tres Stelle which Sue used for fine applique work is great to stitch with too. A site to buy some of these threads is called,
"Tristan Italian Threads". My very Favorite New Floss discovery this year is the "Silk Chenille from Thread Gatherers in Idaho. Oh,how I love this floss.   
My Sweetie was very kind to create another piece of furniture for in my Create Studio.  It is a very fancy Ironing Board with drawers and storage area underneath. I love it. Thank you My Dear for taking the time to make such a lovely gift for me! 

 Last year My Sweetie bought me a AccuQuilt GO! I have really enjoyed using it allot. This year he bought me some more Die Cutters in "Feathers, Stars and Hearts"! I do have a plan to Create a wall hanging using all my die cutters that will look like our home with our gardens on it. This quilt is still in the planning stage.

 I have such kind and generous friends who gifted me with the very lovely pressies below. Thank you Lyn, Shirley, Di, Wendy and Heather from the bottom of my heart.

Now that I am working more often and cooking is not my thing I really needed some help so I can cook some healthy and quick meals.I am looking forward to trying out my new Mini Pie Maker! Has anyone used one before?

 My Sweetie and I really enjoy watching movies during the cold Winter months. "The Help" we bought a few weeks ago and it is truly a very very good movie. It takes place in Jackson Mississippi during the sixties. We highly recommend it. If anyone has a good movie I would love to hear your recommendations too.  Thanks. 
 During the Christmas and New Year break from work I have found a wee bit of time to do some stitching.Below is a photo of the progress I have made on My Pomegranate Table Rug. I still have heaps to do but I am enjoying stretching my stitching skills with this project. 

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Holiday and I look forward to chatting with you all in the New Year!!  To all my ladies friends, "Laugh Yourself Into Stitches"!! 

Hugs judy 


Heather said...

Hello Judy... Happy New Year to you too... loved seeing all your pics with lovely gifts from your Sweetie and friends... may you and your Sweetie have a wonderful 2012! Hugs.

camp and cottage living said...

You are one spoiled girl!
I admire your handiwork in your banner. You certainly have plenty of supplies to keep you busy through 2012!
Enjoy your new year and happy creating!

Carol said...

Hi Judy
We're getting that same weather in Northern Indiana. However, Lake Effect snow is on the way for the next couple of days. I'm hoping it goes north.

You certainly got some lovely gifts. I'm going to check out your thread links.

Happy New Year!

Quayceetatter said...

Happy New Year to you folks!! Linda in NM

Maureen said...

Happy new year Judy, hope you get your work hours sorted so it leaves more time for stitching. Love your new ironing table!!

Frances Leate said...

What a lovely lot of goodies you have to inspire some future creations. I love the new piece of furniture and how useful it will be. Our weather hasn't been as hot or wet as last year, yet, so this must be a worldwide phenomena. Have a very happy 2012 and I hope you find lots of time to stitch. Take care.

Linda said...

What a lovely post as usual Judy. I love the new ironing station made especially for you. Thank you too for mentioning threads that you are happy with. I always love to know 'favourites'. I am glad you are experiencing a little kinder weather. I hope your stitching year will be successful, and your work won't be too stressful. Thank you for your support with my blog, and best wishes for 2012.

baukje said...

A very happy new year Judy. What a lovely list of presents......

Dianne said...

Hi Judy, There are a few things I love about this post. Love the saying at the end, love the Pomegranite rug and love that you have shared all your beautiful gifts with us. Hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Di.

Radka said...

It looks like you had a fantastic Christmas :)
Happy New Year and lots of new stitching projects :))

Deb H said...

It looks like the DH is treating you well! That's good!

If you miss the snow you can come visit me. Unfortunately we have so much snow piled on our roof, it has made an ice dam that is causing it to rain in our living room! This is after we got a new roof!

Magnolia Tea said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing all the pics, love them all!
I've been offline and will be for a while yet, but wanted to say hello today. Have a great weekend.

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