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Today here in Michigan it is a bit over casted and coolish for this time of year.  But tomorrow promises to bring "Sunshine"!

My Easter Catus is in Bloom.  It has the most gorgeous and unusual bloom I have ever seen.  I just love it. I will have to try and stitch it into a project. 

In the past year I have learned how to crochet.  I am progressing slowly but have come to enjoy it a great deal. 

Below is the most lovely, unique and special crochet doily I have ever seen.  Because Easter is My Most Favorite Holiday I ask Donna of
 "Crochet Treasured" online Etsy Shop to make me one. Donna your crocheting is awesome and this doily is truly beautiful.  Thanks a million for creating it for me. 

About a week or so ago I received a surprised package in the post.  Hmmmmmm I wonder who had sent it. I discovered Di My Dear Friend from QLD. Australia had sent it along. Di has a lovely blog called, 
 "Dinky Di Quilting and Crafts" please have a look I am sure you will enjoy your visit.  
Oh my goodness what lovely goodies were inside.  Beautiful Pastel fabrics from Kaffe Fassett.  A very pretty Japanese wood seam ripper and a couple of buttons and a pretty yellow butterfly.  Di also included some very lovely Hand-Dyed Perle Thread made in South Africa. Thanks Di a million for your lovely surprised gift.   

Below is a photo of some goodies I bought for myself from an online store owned by Valerie Bothell of 
 "The Pink Bunny"! Valerie has some very very lovely threads, silk ribbon, embellishments and patterns any crazy quilter would absolutely love to have.

In the photo below you will also find some more goodies I bought from Chris Daley from
"Greetings From The Shady Grove". You will find the lovely hand-dyed velvet fabrics in Chris's etsy shop. I look forward to stitching on them.
I have a passion for roses and I truly love working with felt.  Paulette from New York creates the most lovely roses from felt. 

Paulette has an etsy shop called, "Beedeebabee" please have a look I am sure you will enjoy your visit. Today Paulette package arrived and it wrapped so very pretty.  Paulette also sent along a very pretty wee felt chick pin as a surprise.. Thank you Paulette I truly admire you creations.

I would like to leave everyone with a wee poem on Friendship.
Friends! in this world of hurry
And work and sudden end-----------
If a thought comes quick of doing
A Kindness to a Friend-----------
Do it this very instant!
Don't put it off-----don't wait!
What's the use of doing a kindness
If you do it a day too late?

Charles Kingsley

Again I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy and Glorious Easter!



shirley said...

You are such a lovely kind and thoughtful person Judy, you do deserve all the love that comes your way.

DIAN said...

What lovely goodies. I especially love the crochet doiley and it is even better that it was made just for you.
I hope you have had a lovely Easter.

Quayceetatter said...

Happy Easter Judy!! Love all your beautiful gifts. The crochet doiley is gorgeous... So many items I need to go back and take a peak again!!! What a neat poem...

Jensters said...

Wow i love that Doily have some wonderful gifts gonna check out the velvet x

Jensters said...

Love your Doiley Judy and wonderful gifts too....gonna check out the velvet x

umintsuru said...

Happy Easter Judy. Your crocheted Easter Doily is so pretty. So is your Easter Cactus and all the goodies from Etsy.

shirley said...

Your Easter Cactus is lovely i like the soft pink. Do you have a range of colours in this.

i also like your Easter crocheted doiley it is just gorgeous.

Linda said...

Hello again Judy. What a beautiful post to read this wonderful Monday morning here in Queensland. I love the doiley you had made, it is so pretty. I also love the goodies you received from Di, and so pleased they came to you, after your wonderful gesture to the lady affected by the flooding. Your purchases are awesome, I love felt and dyed velvet very much too. Hope your weather continues to improve.

Dianne said...

What a beautiful flower on your cactus and you received some lovely, well-deserved gifts. Hoping you had a very lovely and peaceful Easter, Love Di. P.S. Cute Easter doily.

Francien said...

I wish you a wonderful second Easterday.I admired your Spring Journal page as many with to look at it over and over again...its a true masterpiece...I am here now for the last 1 1/2 hours orso to read and look at your blog and see al those beautiful are an artist with the needle!! Its after nine o clock in the morning now here in Holland..started on your blog 1/2 past seven and still sitting in my pj`s in front of the pc looking at your blog...i am off in the shower now and became a follower if you dont mind so i dont have to miss out on a "stitch" you make...and to come back later to learn and look some more...
Have a nice day...greetings Francien.

teresa said...

Wow Judy, your posts are always full of beautiful things. I just love that Easter doily.. it is so cute. Love all your other goodies, and I know Di through blogging too. I love what she sent you. Hope you had a wonderful Easter xx

Chris Daly said...

Judy, Just look at your work. It is amazing!! Thanks so much for posting a photo of my had dyed velvets. I received an order yesterday thanks to you. Have a wonderful week! Chris

Cathy K said...

Hi Judy, I hope your Easter was wonderful! Such great goodies you got - yum, yum! I have some of those velvets and they are awesome. Thanks for sharing, Dear One! Big hugs, Cathy

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello My Dear Blogging Friend, Thank you all for your very kind and wonderful comments you have left for me to read.

Francien from the Netherlands. I am happy you enjoyed taking a long look at my blog and hopefully being inspired. Thanks for also the very kind comment you made on My Dreaming of Spring Journal Page. Come back any time. Hugs Judy

BeautifulDees said...

Lovely blog I love it are so talented I am in awe. I hope you will come over sometime. I am having a blog give away at this time.

donazig said...

Hi Judy, It was so nice of you to place the Easter Doily I made for you on your blog. I love the Easter Cactus it's so pretty. I also loved seeing all the interesting things and crafty things you have here on your blog. Thank you again and hope the weather gets better for you soon. Donna

Beedeebabee said...

Hi judy! So sorry it took me so long to visit. What a truly lovely post, and you were so sweet to mention me. Thanks so much, Sweetie. Enjoy all your beautiful new things! xo Paulette :)

baukje said...

That easter dolly is gorgeous!

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