Monday, November 22, 2010


                                                   Hello Everyone,
About this time last year My Sweetie gave me two gifts for my 60th birthday in 2010. First to take me to the Lovely Magical Island of PEI. We took this trip in July. Lots of these photos are posted several posting back on my blog.

The second was to renovate my sewing room into "My Dream Creative Studio"!  My Sweetie started this huge project in May and finished it the middle of September.  I am soooooooo excited and pleased to share with everyone photos of "My New Dream Studio": Handmade With Love by My Sweetie!

The photos below is of what my sewing room looked like "Before" the renovation begun.. Oh, it was sooooooo very very messy.  LOL

The below photos starts out by showing you the signature that "My Sweetie" put on all the lovely furniture he made for the new room. The middle "Fancy Cupboard" was the last piece to be made.

The inspiration for the "Fancy Cupboard" came from Anita's Blog called
"My Country Cottage Garden". Anita's DH had made her a fancy cupboard for in her sewing room a couple of years ago. Anita was very kind and shared with us some of its measurements.  

I wanted some added special features to mine which My Sweetie designed.  The "Fancy Cupboard" has a large display shelve so I can create scenes to take photos of My Creations. My Sweetie also made me the "Laying Tool" or "Stillo" which he painted in "Pink"!!The bookcases were designed by My Sweetie.

After all the mess was removed, which by the way "took some time" we started the painting. Then we added the new Ceiling Fan and Lights. Then came the new "Tuscany" flooring which I absolutely Love.. The wall color was called "Sourdough" and all the trim paint was called,"Sugar Soap"! The furniture was painted with the "Sugar Soap" too! 

My Sweetie Made two large Bookcases along with the Fancy Cupboard. All the edges of the book cases were made fancy along with the top and bottom wood trim.  No edge was left flat. LOL

One of the most exciting aspect of the "Fancy Cupboard" was the bottom shelve doors which was My Idea. They have removable panel so I can change the fabric from time to time so I can have a new look.  I love the pastel pink fabric I used called, "Posh, by Chez Moi" by Moda.

The top shelve glass is called, "Seedy" which gives them an antique look. The "Seedy Glass" was special order and took 3 weeks to arrive.  All the bookcase shelves were made to accommodate all my Art Bins! One bookcase I use for the Art Bins and the other one for my books.

In these photos you will see the other wall with my sewing table which was made in Australia. The other white unit I bought sometime ago. I also bought the fancy light switch years ago when I lived in Oregon.

The closet area was transformed into shelving for most of my fabric stash. There is three separate units and now most of my stash is finally organized. VBG 

The display board on the wall I made from art foam board and I covered it with very pretty Pink French Toile fabric. It hold several "Fabric Post Cards" friends have made for me over the years. I change them often.

I also found these new storage bins that I now used for my yarn.

In these photos are a close up of some of my treasures.  I especially love my "Smokers" I bought while living in Germany!

The beautiful Pink Garden Globe with Roses and Dragonflies was made for me by a dear Friend Sherry who is a "Art Teacher in Texas". I could never bring myself to put it outside.  

The wool art was made for me several years ago from My Dear Sis in Australia. I also have my small collection of "Pincushions" displayed so I can admire them all the time.

 I have waited many many years for "My Dream Creative Studio". "Dreams" do come true especially when you are married to a Sweet, Kind, Loving, Very Creative, Talented Wood Artist who is now retired!

I truly enjoy working in my sewing room now. To me it is very warm, relaxing, and peaceful space. When I look around at all the love that went into this room,I am Truly "Very Thankful" and it brings a big smile to My Heart.

I have also learned some new photo collage editing on Picasa.  I have to thank "Stina" from Sweden for being so kind to answer all my questions.  Stina lovely blog is called, "Kviltstina". Stina is a very talented quilter!

I hope all My Friends will leave me comments on their thought of My New Dream Studio! I thank you all.

I would also like to wish all My Family and Friends,including our Service Men and Woman a Lovely Thanksgiving Holiday. We have much to be "Thankful" for!


Friday, November 12, 2010


                                                         Hello Everyone,

I would like to tell you all a wee story that started out sad but ended up "Happy & Lovely". 

I made a special "Art Page" for someone who ask me to trade with her.  I said I would be happy to do so.  I worked for weeks on it and had added some of Wendy's lovely tatted motif she had made me some time ago to it.

Please visit Wendy's tatting blog called,
"Umi & Tsuru".  You will see lots of tatted treasures and beautiful beaded jewelry.  

The sad part I never did received an "Art Page" back which was suppose to arrive at the end of September.  Wendy saw the Art Page on my blog and notice that I had used some of her lovely tatting on it. 

I wrote back and told Wendy I was sad that I  used the lovely tatted motifs because the person who received it never said, thank you or made any comment about the art page at all.   I truly believe this person has a good heart and maybe someday I will received a art page back from her and if not that is OK too.   

So Wendy who has the most "Kind, Thoughtful, and Generous Heart" volunteer to replace the couple of tatted motif for me.  I offered to make Wendy a "Crochet Cupcake Pincushion" in trade. 

Due to having eye surgery I am a bit behind in creating the pincushion but I hope to finish it soon. On the day before my eye surgery Wendy's wee package arrived in the mail.  It made my day seeing the package.  I wrote Wendy and told her the package had arrived but I would NOT open it until she had received the  pincushion I was making for her. Wendy wrote back saying to "Please" open the package because she was excited for me to see what was inside.  When I open the wee package, to say the least I was overwhelmed, humbled,and in awe of all the lovely tatting motifs I had received. Please see below the photos I have taken of all these "Cherished Treasures"!!  

I will treasure all the lovely tatted Roses in all the beautiful shades of pinks and purples. All the very pretty Dragonflies big and small. And the  Lupins and Queen Anne Lace to remind me of PEI really touched my heart.  The Pink Rose Snowflakes are truly very unique, special and gorgeous. I have never seen anything like them. All these tatted treasures will be put on "My" CQ" and other special projects. 

A special saying about "Kindness" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow comes to mind.
Kind Hearts are the Garden,
Kind thoughts are the Roots,
Kind words are the Flowers,
Kind Deeds are the Fruit,
Take care of your garden and keep out the weeds, 
Fill it with Sunshine, Kind Words, and Kind Deeds.
Thanks Wendy from the bottom of My Heart!! 

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