Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter In Germany Bavaria Winter Wonderland CD Pincushion

Hello Everyone, My fingers have been very busy the last few months.  The International Winter Wonderland Online Exhibition will end on March 31st..  This is the first time I ever participated in an "Fiber Art Exhibtion". There was 19 other beautiful fiber art pieces. I can now finally show you all my "Barvaria Winter Wonderland" photos.

In this photo I have created a Beaded Evergreen Tree using the "Beaded Ruffled Lace Stitch" called "Ogalala".  I have also used the "Drizzle Stitch" for the Icicles hanging from the bridge for on the mountains and for the Northern Lights in the sky.  I also used the "Closed Base Picot" stitch to create the wee snow banks throughout the piece. In total I used approximately 13 different kinds of embroidery stitches on this project.  The background of the piece is wool needle felted.
In this photo I used Angelina Fiber to create the mountain stream. I also created rocks in the stream by needle felting wee rocks first the then using the needle weaving stitch to creat the lace effect over them.  The Fir Tree is also done with the needle weaving stitch. I also added beads to create snow on the tree. I used several different kinds of Metallic flosses to include the follwing,  DMC-Pearlescent, Madeira, YLI, Candlelight and Kreinik. I also used Boucle Brazilian Embroidery Floss which I used for the clumps of snow alongside the river banks.  I truly enjoyed creating "Bavaria Winter Wonderland" for this Exhibition. I found this experience to be very rewarding in many ways.  I would like to "Thank Everyone"from the bottom of my heart for  voting for my Fiber Art Piece. I feel very honored to receive the third most votes!!! 

I have created another CD Pincushion which I call "Hearts and Roses". It was created for My Friend Heather for her Birthday. Heather has a lovely blog called "A Cherished Life" which I am sure you would enjoy visiting.   In the center I created a wool floss rose wth a Feather stitched heart. This is the 4th CD Pincushion I have made for friends. Hmmmmmmmmm I like them so much I think I will make myself one too oneday.  vbg

 The above photo is of the silk ribbon embroidery rose I created for the Pincushion.

The above photo showed the French Knots Heart I created using shades of pink and white flosses. I used ric rack around the bottom edge and I added a lace beaded seam treatment.
"H" is for Heather.  I embroidery several different kinds of Heart all over this Pincushion.
I made some soft fleece pillow cases for My Grand daughter Chloe early this year. The above soft fleece pillow cases are for my grandson Ethan. 

A few weeks ago on my friend Ati's blog, "Ati's Little World" I saw the above "Crochet Rose". I instantly fell in love with it. I asked Ati if she would share the pattern with me and she kindly did.  Ati told me her friend "Tracy Ann Schmitz" from Germany shared the pattern with her. Click on "Tracy's Blog" to see her art! Thank you very much Ati and Tracy!  

Unfortunately, I have never done any crocheting  beforee.  So I asked my gardening friend Jo if she knew how to crochet and she said, No she only knitted.  But Jo told me she knew of a lady from Church that crochet and she would give her a call and ask her if she willing to teach me how to create this rose. 
This past Wednesday Donna came for a visit and in 3 short hours she taught me how to create this lovely rose. Donna used a size 6 steel crochet hook and I used a number 4 steel crochet hook.  Donna rose is above in the raspberry variegated pink color.  Donna's rose is very tiny and her crochet stitches are perfect.  My first attempt is on the top Right in the Mauve color.. My crochet stitches need lots of practice.  I truyly enjoyed making it.  Thank You Donna for teaching me how to crochet this lovely rose.    Because I truly enjoyed creating my first rose, I decided to try and make one using the smaller hook.

 My "Second Wee Rose" is in the pale shades of pink on the bottom right.  My crochet stitches greatly improved but they are still far from good but I was very please with it.  I thought for sure I would not be able to read the pattern because I paid no attention to it during my lesson.  But Donna had made some very helpful comments on the pattern for me and with looking at our previous ones I manage fine.
The above photo show the kind of thread we used.  I used "Lizbeth" tatting thread in size 10 shown at the top left. Donna used Presencia Finca No. 8 shown on the top right.  I used this same floss in the lighter pink shades for my second wee rose.. When my crochet stitches improve  I plan to make some more lovely wee roses to embellish my "Crazy Quilt Of My Dreams" which I hope to start working on again soon.

Happy Easter Everyone,  Above  is a lovely Easter Linen I bought while living in Germany.  In the middle is a hand painted basket I bought in Italy. There are strawberries painted all around it. Inside the basket is my collection of "Polish Pottery Easter Eggs" that I bought when visiting Poland.   The Red hand Painted eggs were created by a German artist bought at Easter Market. Oh how I loved visting Easter Markets around Europe, they are turly special.   The many very talent artist worked  in so many different media and all their creations were truly beautiful. 
The above photo includes several Easter Treasures.  My Dear Son bought the wee "Flower Girl Lladro" when he was in the Navy stationed in Japan.   The two wee  "English Cottage", I bought while visiting England.  The one on the lower right is called "Stitch In Time" and the other one is called "SweetHeart Cottage"..  The beautiful Easter Linen was bought in Germany.  The beautiful "Tatted Easter Egg" was created by Patty from California.  It is so special and unique.  Thanks you Patty I love it!!  I really love the Easter Season and I am very thankful to be back home in Michigan with my Wonderful Sweet Husband.

The Next three photos I took in Metz France at the most incredible Chocolate shop.  The above rooster caught my eye first because I collect rooster stuff of every kind. Isn't he grand?

Then I saw this very huge Chocolate Easter Egg in the same shop.  I have No idea how a candy marker could create anything sooooooo very big.

Then I leave you with these "Very Sweet Chocolate Chicks" which I bought in the Candy Shop in Metz France and admired in my dining room for sometime.  Then I finally gave in and enjoyed every bit of that very delicous chocolate.  VBG

Happy Easter to all my family and Friends.  I hope you all have a Wonderful Joyful Blessed Easter Holiday Weekend!!

PS, I had a very lovely comment yesterday that was left on blog back on my Easter posting in 2009 that stated the following :   Feeling a bit nostalgic, I found your blog while browsing Google Images for "Easter in Germany". Thank you so much for posting this wonderful piece. It brought a lot of smiles to my heart to see things I remember while growing up an Army Brat in Germany. We were there for 12 years total. I miss Germany so much. I still think of it as home. God Bless You and Happy Easter! Who ever wrote this lovely comment, I would love to hear from you again so I can contact you.  Thanks


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Treasured Friendships and Birthday Pressies

Hello Everyone,   10 days ago,  unfortunately I had my computer hacked into and all my old saved message and contact address book deleted  and a dreadful message sent out to all my family and friends saying I was mugged in the UK and that I needed money.  Of course this was a dreadful untrue scam. I am very thankful for All My Family and Friends from Around the World that have been both a "Treasure and Comfort" to me. My new computer is now back from Staples and all checked out good.  No virus and No internal computer damage.  So I was very pleased to hear this. It is now "Time" to Move On and get back to posting about My Art,  Family and Friends.

The day after the spammer hit my computer "My Dear Sweet Husband" brought me home some very lovely Spring Flowers to "Cheer" me up.  My Sweetie, is my Very Best Friend and Soul Mate and I Love Him with all My Heart. Thank you My Dear for Always being there for ME. 

My first artistic passion is hand embroidery.  I recently joined a "Vintage Book Group" and this Oldie embroidery book called, The Embroiderer's Garden, by Thomasina Beck was brought to my attention last week. I order it from the Book Depository in the UK.  It arrived yesterday and to say the least I am more than thrilled with it.  My other passion is gardening and I especially love British Cottage Gardens and this lovely books reinterpret and recreates the beauty of these gardens in embroidery. Below is a photo of an embroidery garden from inside this wonderful book.   
 At the end of February was my 60th Birthday.  I was dreading it but of course My Dear Wonderful and Wise husband reminded me I should celebrate being this old.  LOL  He always brings Joy and Happiness into my Life Everyday.  He took me on a lovely trip to Lansing so I could visit all my favorite shops and we had a lovely meal at my favorite Red Lobster Restaurant.  I received many lovely phone calls, email messages and cards from Family and Friends from around the worldI am truly blessed.  Thank you all for making this day so fantastic for me.

I have always admired the A-Z Embroidery Book published by the Country Bumpkin in Australia.  The above photo of these books are the additions to my collection.
The above photo  shows a lovely Rose Apron and Oven Mittens set made by my Dear Friend Heather in SK Canada. Heather has a lovely bright and cheerful blog called, "A Cherished Life", Please have a visit I am sure you will enjoy it. Of course anyone who know me know the "Rose" is my favorite flower and pink my favorite color.    Thank you so very much  Heather.  I love them. 

My Dear friend Inge from The Netherlands made me the wee lovely Cupcake Pincushion and Beaded Flowers. The Lovely fabrics pack is wonderful as is the neat Tin.  Thanks so very much Inge.  I love them all.

My Dear Friend and SIS (by choice) Lyn from Australia sent me the lovely Wedgewood Candy Dish and  RubyVase. Yup, they made it all the way from Australia in one piece.  They are lovely SIS thanks so much.I also received a very lovely phone call from My SIS too. She woke up at 0200 to chat with me a bit.  It was a wonderful way to start my day.

My good friend Ulla from Germany created this very lovely knitted scarf for me  It is so very soft to touch and delicate.  I love it too.. I met Ulla and her lovely family while I was living in Germany working as a nurse at the American Military Base.  They were my neighbor in the small village of Ettinghausen. They welcomed me with open arms and I will never forget their kindness. They came to visit us a few years ago and we all had such a wonderful time together.   

 Another Dear Friend of mine is Jo from Australia.  They live on a Dairy Farm and we have know each other for many years.  Jo sent along some Lovely Fabrics and Lace along with some very lovely note cards.  I love Cherry Blossom because they are our first blooming tree in the Spring with their soft pinkish blooms.  Beautiful, indeed.  Thanks you very much JO.

I also received a lovely gift from Ruthie who lives in Isarel.  She made me this wee Pincushion with J crossed stitch on it with a wee white rose.  I have a small collection of thimbles and now I have one from Isarel to add to it.  The hat pin is also very pretty.  Thank You Very Much Ruthie.

I feel like a "True Friend" encourages us, comforts us, supports us like a big easy chair, offering us a safe refuge from the world.  A true friend stands at our side during the best and worst of times.  Hold a Dear True Friend with both hands.  True and Faithful friends are indeed a Treausre, Touching Our Hearts and Strengthening our Spirit with their Words, their Touch, and Sometimes by just their Silent Presence.  

Thanks YOU ALL My Dear Friends for your Kindness to Me especially during the last couple of weeks.   

Also I wanted to remind everyone that the Winter Wonderland Online Exhibition ( please click on the words Winter Wonderland to see exhibition)  is still up for viewing until the March 31st.  My fiber art  piece is called "Barvaria Winter Wonderland" Please have a look.  And please vote for your favorite art piece before leaving.  Thanks

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 7th Update On the status of My Hacked Into Computer.

Update March 7th. 2010, 

Hello Everyone, I am typing this message from My OLD Computer.  It has now been several days since my computer was hacked into and all my old saved messages deleted and all my contacts from my address book stolen and delelted.  I have run our Norton antivirus software and nothing came back saying that I had a virus on my computer. It was clear.  But to make doubly certain that my computer is now safe to use again we took it into Staples to have them double check it too and to see if there was any other damage done to it.  Staples IT Technician told me that there was NO need to change my email address.  Just changing my password and doing it on a regular bases was all that was needed.  

I would like to let everyone know that I have receieved several message saying this same thing happen to them and it was discovered that their computers was compromised through their "Facebook" accounts".  I have NO idea if this is true or not but I am not taking anymore chances with them.   I just started a facebook account a few weeks back.  I have tried on a couple of acassions now to delete my "Facebook Account" with NO luck.  If anyone know how to delete their facebook account please email and let me know.  Thanks.

Another aspect of having this happen to me and my computer is that I have LOST all my friends contact email addies.  This has been very sad for me because I can not write anyone to let them know this has happen because I not longer have their email addresses.  Such a "Nasty and Evil person" he or she was to do this to me and others. Again, I would like to Thank everyone for your understanding and thoughful and kind messages of support you have sent me. They all have been greatly appreciated.  Hugs Judy

Hello Everyone, 

Today my computer was hacked into  and all my contact information stolen and deleted and my email messages all deleted too.  I am sooooooooooooooooooooo very upset over this.  One good thing they did not delete my blog.  I am sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry that everyone is getting emails from me asking for money. Please do not respond to this UK Scam. I do NOT need money.  I have changed my password and will probably have to change my email addy soon.  Again. I am so sorry for this mess. Extremely Sad Face. It has truly been a nightmare for me. Hugs Judy

Update: I would like to thank all my dear friends for their kind and caring messages to me.  I would also like to thank my friends who have called me to give me words of encouragement and support.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  I pray that nothing like this ever happens to any of you or me again. It has been the most awful experience.  I feel like someone broke into my house,  beat me and left me for dead.  I went to bed last night feeling very ill over all of this.

I have been overwhelmed by this attack on my computer and hopefully in time I will get back with everyone personally to thank you all for your kind support. 

Hopefully I will soon get back to my cheerful self.. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lovely Easter Tin, Yards of Fabric Shop and Spring

Hello Everyone,  It has been awhile since I have posted anything but hopefully this posting will make up for my my absent.   I truly have been stitching allot this winter and the days just seem to fly by.  First I would like to mention the "New Look" of my blog. Of course it had to have the "Roses and Stitching Theme" that I love so much.   I truly truly love it.  My Dear Friend Heather from SK, Canada created the make over for meHeather's blog is called, "A Cherished Life".  Please take a look at Heather's Lovely Blog I am sure you will enjoy the visit.   Thanks a million Heather.  Greatly appreciated.    
A good friend, Valerie Greeley of Cheshire, UK had a beautiful Tin Easter Egg that she designed as a "Give Away" on her very lovely blog, called "Acornmoon"  a week or so ago. Valerie is a famous Author/Illustrator, textile and surface pattern designer.   I entered the give away never believing I would win.  What a super surprise to come home from my Birthday Getaway Weekend to find I won.  Huge Very Big Smile.  Along with the lovely Easter Egg Tin Valerie also included a Photo Print of her art called, "Rabbit Family" shown behind the tin signed with Happy Easter Judy, Love Valerire. I decorate my home for Easter every year because I love Spring so much and Valerie's art will be proudly displayed.  Thanks Valerie for your lovely gifts.  

On my get away weekend one of my most favorite shop to visit is called "Yards Of Fabric" in Mason Michigan. The next 10 photos will show you all a photo of Jeanne's and her lovely shop. 
In this photo you will see some very creative Victorian Pincushions, Cupcake Pincushions and other wonderful creations Jeanne has made for in her shop. I always look forward to visiting her shop because it has so much creative inspiration everywhere.   
Above is a very very lovely Crazy Patchwork frame block a teacher made for a call demo.  It uses some of JBM fabrics in it. The stitching is truly very lovely. Sorry for the blurry photo.
Jeanne specialize in sell lovely laces and ribbons not found everywhere.  I always bring home some new ones with me to add to my Crazy Quilts creations.
Jeanne also has some very lovely Victorian Purse made for show in her shop.  She sell the lovely Victorian Handles for them too along with wonderful books.
Here you can see some very lovely Silk Ribbon Embroidery Pillows and some more wonderful laces. I just can walk around for hours taken in all the wonderful inspirational items to look at.
Of course I could not leave without buying a few FQ of lovely fabrics and laces.  I really fell in love with the Cross Stitch Rose fabric. I have never seen it anywhere.  It is created by Holly Holderman, 
I really fell in love with all the "Plaited Ribbon Projects" Jeanne had in her shop.  Above are the directions and a look at the red and purple plaited ribbon I bought from Jeanne's shop Yards of Fabrics. The shop does not have a website but Yards of Fabric's telephone number is  517-676-2973.
Here are the last of the fabrics I could not resist buying from Jeanne's shop. Can you tell I love all shades of pinks.
Also in Jeanne's shop was several lovely "Cupcake Pincushions" made from round silicone baking cups that I bought at the Joanne store.  I am sure they could be also bought at Hobby Lobby or Michaels stores.  I plan to try and create one of theses soon.  Love them. 
We are now into March and on the first day I discovered my crocuses sprouting their wee heads out of the earth.  It was so glorious to see after such a long and cold Winter.  This flower bed is close to the house and gets full sun most of the day when it shines in the Winter. So you can see all of the snow has melted from this spot.  Seeing them made my day and put a big smile on my face.  Below is a photo of what our front yard looks like with inches and inches of the white stuff still around.  Such a contrast. But we are now on the downward slide of Winter and hopefully by the end of March all the snow will be gone. Then I can go around and visit all my flower beds to see what wonderful suprises Mother Nature will have for me tp see.

The "Winter Wonderland Online Exhibition" is still running until March 31st.  If anyone has not viewed all the wonderful creations at this Exhibition I would recommend taking a peek.   My fiber art piece is called Bavaria Winter Wonderland.  More about this Exhibition at the posting below or clicking on the words Winter Wonderland Online Exhibition above. 

I wish you all a very wonderful week and thanks for stopping by to visit my blog.  Greatly appreciated. 

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