Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anne Of Green Gable Quilts and Blustery Weather

Hello Everyone,   My fingers have been vey busy stitching for the last couple of months and unfortunately I am behind in visiting with my blogging friends.  The project that I am working on is due February 1st'  I am very hopefully it will be done in time.

During the meantime I am also planning our wonderful  upcoming trip.  Karen does not have a blog. My new friend Gail from NB Canada has been very helpful in many ways and we now have our confirmed reservation at "Green Gable CottageGail has a lovely blog called "Quilt,Knit,Run, Sew"  please have a look. From my last posting about PEI
 "Linda from Stitching Lines"  and Karen, "Sew Kaaren-ly Create" have also been helpful.  You can see Karen's very lovely prize winning "Anne Of Green Gable Quilt" created a couple of years ago on her blog.  On Karen's blog you will also find a photo of the "Patchwork Quilt Tsushin" Japanese Magazine with the wonderful PEI Lighthouse on the front cover along with the most gorgeous "Anne Quilt"  This issue is filled with everything PEI and their quilts. The next 6 photos below are some of the Anne's Quilts. I think they are all truly beautiful.  I ordered the Japanese Magazine from
 "Center Diamond Quilt Shop" in Cannon Beach Oregon  see it below.  I also purchased this PEI DVD from Amazon and it was so lovely to watch.

Below is a photo of another Flower Dorset Button I created recently.  I think I will use it as an embellishment to the in progress "Crazy Quilt Of My Dreams".

The photo below is of my first needle weaving attempt.  It will be included in the project I am working on for the February 1st Exhibition.

For the last couple of years I have been mainly creating crazy quilt projects. Judith Baker Montano new book called "Fibreart Montage" is truly lovely.  Last year I was introduced to Tilda's Books "Sew Sunny Homestyle" came out last August and it also has some very lovely patterns in it to create.

Below is a couple of very lovely "Rose" buttons I received from a Dear Friend in Australia.  They will also go on my Hearts and Roses Crazy Quilt I am working on.

My Husband created the two bird feeders below. Our winter birds are enjoying the protection and the food after our blustery very cold and abundant snow fall last week.

The stitching project I have been working on has the theme of "Winter Wonderland" and you can see all I need to do is look outside and I have all kinds of inspiration.
Last evening I could not put down the Patchwork Quilt Tsushin Magazine. Oh, how I wish I could read Japanese. It has so many "Beautiful Anne Quilts" that were so awesome to look at..  The Japanese Magazine also took many photos of Lovely Businesses on PEI whose owners had made all kinds of truly beautiful quilts. They were a delight to look at. I will have to make it a point of discovering and exploring all the "Quilt Shops on PEI".

Back to stitching My First Online ProjectThank You All for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely messages for me to read.  Much appreciated.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Prince Edward Island and Pressies

Hello Everyone, We wish you all a very Magical, Happy, and Healthy New Year.

I have been ecstatic about the most glorious news for the last several months because my sweetie has granted me a life long wish to go and visit the home of "Anne of Green Gable on PEI". Why this coming year because I will be turning 60 yrs old. I can hardly believe that number. I remember clearly saying I would never turn 40 and now I am soon to be sixty. My sweetie has made the last 5 years of my life so magical. So I should not be surprised that this dreams will soon come true. I order the above free DVD from the island tourist department and it arrived a few days ago. When we played it for the first time tears came to my eyes it made me feel so happy inside. It is only 11 minute long but I quickly understood the "The Island Effect" and I am still humming to the moving music. Isn't the photos of those Lupins just glorious. I can hardly wait to see and smell those lovely blooms.
My Sweetie "Knocked My Socks" off when I open my Christmas pressie. Yup, I got a new HP Pavilion DV6 Notebook. It has so many things on it I will be learning how to use this computer for ages and ages. This is my first blog posting with it. When I downloaded these photo it took only a second. My Dell ( which served me well for 7 years) would take forever. VBG It is wireless but I much prefer my "Mouse"!! lol

Below are some gifts I received from my lovely neighbor in Germany. Ulla and her family was so kind and wonderful to me while I was living there. They plan to come and visit us for the second time again in 2011 which we are really looking forward too.
I also received these lovely gifts from a dear friend in Australia and the very artistic ATC came from my dear friend in the UK. I Thank You all for these lovely gifts.

I have order Lucy M. Montgomery Journal 1 because another Anne's fan suggested I do. It has been order and I really look forward to reading it. We will be driving to PEI so I plan to explore every inch of PEI. Most important I want to visit all those special places Anne made so famous. I hope to chat with the people of "The Gentle Island" and share the excitement of their Island with them. If any of my readers have been to PEI or live on PEI I would love to chat with you. Thanks.

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