Monday, September 20, 2010

Blogging Celebration: 4th Year Give-Away

Hello Everyone,

Happy Autumn to you all!!!  Well, officially Autumn is still a couple of days away but it has felt like Autumn for the last couple of weeks.

During my Summer break from Blogging I did a wee bit of stitching specifically for My 4th Year Blogging Celebration Give-Away.  I hope I have created gifts everyone would be happy to add to their collections of goodies.

This past Spring I took my first crochet class and I have build on my skills allot during the Summer months.  I have truly enjoyed the art of crocheting so I decided to created two crocheted gifts for the give-away and one of them I felted. 

Here is a photo of all the gifts I created this Summer for My Give-Away.  Below I will highlight each gift. 
I crocheted this Wee Autumn Basket made from a wool blend yarn in an array of Autumn colors of Tangerine, Golds, Greens  and Beige. It felted up only about 25% because it was not 100% wool.
It will be gift # 4 in the give-away.  
I even added some acorns to this photo from our numerous Oak Trees to put you all in the Autumn mood. They started falling early this year and The Farmer Almanac tells us that we are going to have an earlier harsh and long Winter.  Very Sad Face.  
This gift is a crochet Cupcake Pincushion.  I made it from 100% Organic Cotton yarn.  The frosting yarn is called Almond and the bottom yarn is called Spice. I think they are both lovely colors for celebrating Autumn.  I even added some Autumn color beads for sprinkle on the Icing to make it sparkle.  I also added a wee spice swirl for the top.  It is about 2 3/4 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Isn't it a very sweet looking Pincushion?
The Cupcake Pincushion will be gift # 3 to give-away.

The above photo is a Biscornu Autumn Pincushion.  It is the very first Biscornu Pincushion I have ever made and it is of my own Autumn design too.  I believe Pumpkins and Sunflowers are definitely Autumn Icons. It is created from 100% Wools and is approximately 8 inches wide and 2 inches tall. 
 The Biscornu Pincushion will be # 2 gift to give away. 
The above photo is a Crazy Patchwork Autumn Heart. I added a Autumn silkie that has two fairies and a lovely Butterfly in the center. I have added lots of beads and fancy stitching to it. The hanger is made from a lovely Lime Green medium size rick rack. I also added a stitchery of Lavender to it because it is filled with stuffing and "Lavender" from My Michigan Garden. It "Smells Heavenly".  It is approximately 7 X 7 inches.
The Crazy Patchwork Heart will be the # 1 prize in the give-away.

All the gifts are "Hand Made With Love!! 
I hope you all have enjoyed looking at all the goodies in the give-away that I have made for the 4 Lucky Winners.  Anyone in the world can enter the

There are rules that should be followed if you would like to enter.
(1) First leave me a message in the comment section and confirm that you would like to participate.
(2) Please answer two of the following questions:  Are you a regular reader to my blog and if so for how long?  How did you discover my blog? What is your favorite art media?
(3) All comment entries must be received by  October 10th, 2010. Please leave me your email addy if none is visible on your profile so I can contact you if you are a winner. 

I will announce the winners on October 11th 2010. 

I will leave you with a photo from My Garden.  This lovely vine is called a "Sweet Autumn Clematis" and these beautiful blooms has taken three years to come forth and they have the most lovely scent. 

Take care all.   Hugs


Jasmine said...

Happy Autumn Judy, Your choice of colours are wonderful. I love the crochet basket and acorns xJ

Maggieb.Bounty said...

You have had a very busy summer despite the heat. Glad you enjoyed your excursions and the quilting workshop with Sue Spargo..good to have you back. i have started a new blog while you have been away too. I will register here with it.

John'aLee said...

Hey Girlie...thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet words!
I am so impressed with all you have done just since you have learned how to crochet!! I never got past scarves and simple afgans!
I love your shabby chic blog! We have the same tastes!

Cathy K said...

Hi Judy and welcome back to Blogland. You have been missed! How did your trip to PEI go? Are you going to blog about it? :-) This is the 3rd year I’ve been reading your blog and love how talented your are and how fearlessly you tackle so many new needlework forms. Your giveaway items are all to die for! I’m SO into autumn this year and have felt all summer that the winter would be long and harsh. I’ve been putting up fruit, prepping the yard, stocking up on food, and I have a strong desire to crochet an afghan. Have been looking for a particular pattern for at least three months. Anyway, I love CQ best of all, and wish there were more waking hours in a day! Take care, my friend, and don’t be a stranger. Hugs, Cathy

Miss 376 said...

You have been busy, I love all your goodies, but I think the biscornu pin cushion is my favourite. I am a regular reader, I think it must be for about two years of so now. I found you and your blog through the Yahoo Hand Embroidery group.
Congratulations on your fourth blogging anniverysay, and enjoy your autumn

Ati. said...

Dear Judy, you are very generous to give away all those nice items you have made. I follow you blog for ages now with Google reader.Before I used Google reader I found you trough "Around the Block" ring. I mainly work with fabrics but now and than I use bits of paper to in mt creations. I like knitting and crocheting too. But only if there where 30 hours in a day!

Maureen said...

Of course I'd love to take part in your lovely giveaway Judy, the pieces are all lovely but my favourite is the pincushion. I guess I found your blog when I was surfing but as it must be at least two years ago , or is it 3, I just forget( time goes so fast these days!!). I think my favourite media is fabric but then I do like papercrafts so it has to be mixed media!!

Lorenza said...

Hi Judy, you didi wonderful items for your give away and of course I would like to be one of the winners. I discovered your blog from the Fibre Fever group and I'm following it since then. My favorite craft are patchwork and embroidery. Hugs Lorenza

Miet said...

Yes yes yes I want to participate !!! You made such lovely items . The biscornu and heart pincushion are my favorite .
I'm reading your blog since I met you at the yahoo groups :o)
Good to see you back on track !
My favorite art : not one but 3 ;o)sewing , crochet and knitting

Doreen G said...

Hi Judy-I love all your Autumn gifts and would be happy to own any one of them.
This is my first time visiting your blog because I saw it on the Fibre Fever blog of which I am a member but it won't be the last time.
I love Crazy Quilting-felting-machine embroidery-mixed media art-card making--the list goes on and on.Like everyone else there doesn't seem to be enough waking hours in the day to allow me to do it all.
Regards Doreen

karen said...

Hi Judy, good to hear from you. I am a regular reader, I think!! My name is Karen, I am 16 (let me have my dreams!!) I found you because you found me!!

umintsuru said...

Hi Judy,
Please include me in your giveaway to celebrate 4 years of blogging. All the 4 items you made are just lovely and I would be honoured to have a chance of wining one.

To answer your question: I discovered your blog after you contacted me and visited my blog. I visit your blog ocassionally, not regularly, I must admit, since January 2009. My favourite art media is thread as I simply love to tat.

GailM. said...

Yippee, I love a give-away. I'm pretty lucky at them too. I adore the cupcake. I have several pin cusions but no cupcake. I first started watching your blog when I started crazy quilting a year and a bit ago. It was great meeting you in PEI. I love that place. I had such a good time there, just doing touristy stuff and visiting my vacationing grandchildren nearby every day. I stayed at the sweetest little B&B
that I would recommend to anyone.

Nice to see some of your work and I'm glad you be'll blogging again.

Anonymous said...

Hello Judy from way down south in Mississippi. I've been reading your blog for just a few weeks...since I discovered you on the *stitchin' fingers* site (which I'm new to also) and started drooling over your work! I love your summer projects -- especially the little crocheted basket and the autumn heart and would love to enter the give-away and hopefully win something from you! I'm learning to crochet and honing my embroidery skills and your work is great incentive. :))

Blessings....Karen(thinkin' bout threads)

Jensters said...

Hey Judy, thanks for visiting my blog....ive had a tough summer and have not blogged very nice to see you back and what you have made over the summer, i also learnt crochet but not in your would love to be entered into your giveaway....addy is im lucky xx

Sandra said...

Hi, I just found your blog this morning after reading that you had posted on Quilt knit run sew ~Gail Mitchell.
What cute little items you are giving away. I would love to participate, I would have a home for any of those!! I am a quilter who loves to work with batiks.

Wendy said...

You have been really busy and I love all your gifts that you have made. They are each so lovely. I have been following your blog for three yrs. now as I enjoy coming and seeing what lovely creations you are making. Would love to hear about your trip to PEI. My favorite craft is crazy quilting of course although I do sane quilt crazy is my fav. Have a blessed day.

fabriquefantastique said...

my favorite is the pumpkin pincushion. Yes, Judy, the squirrels are beside themselves with so many acorns......dig,dig,dig, morning,noon and night.

Ellen said...

Beautiful finishes! I love autumn colors. Just found your blog through Margaret's.

I would love to enter your giveaway. I love your works especially the cupcake pincushions and those acorns. No oak trees in Singapore


Heather said...

Hi dear Judy... you have certainly been a busy lady this summer, and I am so glad you are back blogging. All your treasures are lovely, you must have had such fun making them. Hard to believe you have been blogging for four years now. We met because you found me after reading about me in "Inspirations"... and we have been friends ever since. Hugs.

sudukc said...

I think any of your give-aways would be lovely to receive and would be honored to be included. I cannot tell you how long I have been reading your blog nor do I know how I found you; but I do enjoy dropping in when you post. I can tell you that on occasion I spend the day just meandering through blogs and I will click on favorite blogs and meander there awhile and then something will strike my fancy and I click on that site and next thing I know I am six blogs deep and can't remember how I got there, but usually it is fun and inspirational.

meri said...

Hi Judy! Wellcome back!
You have been very busy!
we have met at Hand embroidery network!
Unhappily this last months I have not been a regular reader to my blog friends...

Liz Schaffner said...

Hi your Autumn Clematis! I can almost smell it here!
Please enter my name in your giveaway.
Yes, I am a regular reader, I don't know how long I have been reading your blog...for a while and I think I discovered you through Heather ? (my Alzheimners makes me forget such things..LOL)
My favorite Media is everything! I love sewing, quilting, cross stiching, crazy quilting, stitchery...anything to keep my hands busy.

Gee said...

Hi judy. i would like to join your giveaway. It's not included in the required task but just like you to know that I shared the giveaway in my blog Internet Treasures. I came here via Google search because I was looking for some giveaways to join. I'm interested in cross stitching but just lack the patience to finish anything.

my email addy is athomewithg [at] regards! :)

Stina said...

Hi Judy.. thanks for your visit on my blog.. I couldnt get back to you on email.. you were set as norply.. hope you dont mind me answering here..:O)
You have to tell me more about the dyeing with blueberries..:O)) Have designed all morning to get a first stitch done to my wooly thing today.. :O))
ANd congratulations to your 4th year... we sure do have fun blogging havent we..:O))

Cheryl said...

Please count me in for a chance to win.
I found your site while I was searching around on the internet.
I like what I see and have put you in my favorites.
I like to knit and sew at the moment.
Thank you.

Deb H said...

Gosh, you have been a busy girl Judy! Add me to the pot!

As far as how did I find you? I thnk you found e first! & yeas I drop by at least once a week, which is about averagefor me on any blog.

Fiber art, of course!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,
I just found your blog in the hand embroidery yahoo group I joined a month or so. You just listed your blog addy after coming back from vacation. After checking it out, I think your work is so pretty. I am an autumn person and love the autumn biscornu and the cq heart you did. I would like to enter your drawing for Oct 11th. My e-mail addy is

Linda said...

Hello Judy, I must congratulate you on one of the prettiest blogs I have ever seen. I try to look regularly, but due to my very slow Internet connection, I sometimes baulk, it takes a while to load, SADLY. I am so pleased to hear you have embraced the art of crochet. It is something I have done since I was nine years old, but still enjoy the rhythm of working it.

I discovered your blog and YOU via the StitchinFingers site. You were one who gave me wonderfully kind comments on my work and showed me friendship in those first tentative days, thank you.

I suppose my preferred art media must fall into the category of machine embroidery/fabric manipulation, although I'm very much a butterfly, in that I have been known to flitter here there and everywhere!!!

Congratulations to you for such a long time blogging, and for the kindness you show to all. And also a big congratulations on such a lovely array of handmade gifts to give away. Well done my friend. You have my email address.

Thanks heaps. L.

paperpest said...

Hi Judy, I just discovered your blog today, you'll see my mention of it at After a long break, I'm back to sewing. I learned to crochet sixty years ago when I was eight, I learned beading about ten years ago.

Sheila said...

Congrats on four years. I would love too be entered in your giveaway. You have some beautiful pieces.
I just found your blog while looking around about crazy quilting and got here.I will become a follower.
Right now I do a lot of cross stitch and beading and some counted canvas. Would like to learn crazy quilting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy, Welcome back! I love all of your creations. I have been checking in on your blog since you started it. I found it thru your membership on CQI. Debbie S.

Anonymous said...

Lovely giveaway,I would like chance to win any of this lovely items.I find you in google>My favorite passion is crochet,love it.

Solstitches said...

Hi Judy,
What a lovely Autumn collection you've put together for one of your lucky readers.
The little crochet cupcake is so sweet and I adore the biscornu you have done with the pumpkin applique.
Love the crazy quilted heart also.
I know just how special your work is as I have your Provence fabric postcard here to remind me :)

Maggie R said...

Hi Judy,
Gosh 4 years just flies by !
Your give - aways are lovely.
Thanks for entering my name to WIN!
I think we first met when we were in the Yahoo group called Beaded Art Dolls...I still have the lovely pin doll you made me and get lots of compliments on it.. A real treasure.
I have been a follower forever!! I LOVE your blog , it is so pretty and refreshing and you always have something interesting to see..
Thank you Dear Heart and continued success

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