Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Creating Needle Lace, My Sweet Grandchildren, and an Alaska Tree

Hello Everyone, 
I have been missing again for awhile.  I've had more computer woes and if Verizon does not get their act together soon I am going to give them the "Boot" if you know what I mean. lol So on to more pleasant topics like creating "Needle Lace".  I created this wee needle lace leaf in the last couple of days.  I got the pattern from "Beginner's Guide to Stumpwork" by Kay Dennis from the UK. (Click on the underline phrase). This link will also give you the Guild of Needle Lace in the UK along with Lacemakers and their sites). I have all three of her books and I love everyone of them. Each one of her books have a section on Needle Lace that varies from easy to most difficult. 
My first Needle Lace Motif was a fir tree that I created for My Bavaria Winter Wonderland fiber art project posted in the previous posting to this one. The Leaf below was created with Lizbeth size 20 tatting cotton. On the right side of the leaf I used "Single Brussels Stitch" and on the other "Corded Single Brussels Stitch. It is not the greatest pic but I think you can see the different lace stitches.  

Below is some goodies I recently bought.  The Guild of Needle Laces booklet gives you instructions for the Basic and Intermediate techinques. The center pattern with the Pink Flower Motif was designed by "Kay Dennis" and the Lace worked by "Anne Weston" both of the UK. The booklets are wonderful and gives you many Needle Lace patterns from easy to difficult. 
The first and third pattern kits were designed by Loretta Holzberger of Washington State.  Loretta teaches Brazilian Embroidery and Needle Lace at the
"Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild Seminar" ( click on underline phrase)  which takes place every year in Portland Oregon.  Loretta has a website
"Loretta's Custom Stitchery" with many lovely things to buy. I recently interview Loretta for our BE Wrap Up Newsletter inwhich I am the Roving Reporter.

Below is two very lovely tatted hearts.  The one on the left is called "Overwrought Victorian Heart" and the other one is called "Linda Davies Heart". These were created by Patty of California who I met on Stitchin Fingers. Patty so kindly made them for me to use as embellishments on "The Crazy Quilt Of My Dreams". Thank You Patty I truly admire your tatting.    
 Below is the  presents, I will be given to my grand daughter Chloe for her birthday  coming up in June.  Chloe loves the Disney Princess and hence the theme for her birthday pressies this year.  The place mat is so cute and on the back it has games to play and things to color with washable markers. The drinking cup has her name on it which I thought was so cool.   The Disney Princess Fleece Tied Blanket I made for My sweet Grand Daughter Chloe.   I think she will like it and she can cuddle with it every night and think of "Grandma Judy"!
My Grandson Ethan birthday is in May.  I also bought Ethan a place mat with his name on it and a "Ethan Cup" too.  I also made My Sweet Grandson Ethan a Car Fleece Tied Blanket.  I made the pillow cases to match which he already has.  Ethan can also cuddle with his blanket at night and think of "Grandma Judy" too.
With all my computer woes of late, I have not been in very good spirits.  Last week in the mail I received an "Anne Of Green Gables" post card. Hmmmmmm I wonder immediately who might of sent it. I should of know it was my "Dear Sweet Friend Heather" from SK. Canada.  She told me that while she was at the Vets. she saw the post card and knew she had to buy and send it to me to brighten My Day.  It certain did brighten my day and put a big smile on my face too.   Thank you Heather for thinking of me.  You are truly a wonderful friend. Heather also has a great blog called "A Cherished Life" please have a look.   
I love all kind of laces and with my recent interest in learning  how to create  neele lace, I thought I would share with you all two "Princess Laces" I bought when I visited Brugge Belgium.  Aren't they beautiful?
Oh, how I love my garden and Spring is such a glorious time of year.  Here is a photo of a Magnolia Tree just about at full bloom.  These lovely flowers smell so heavenly and look so beautiful I wish they would last forever.. 
I have been growing this "Alaska Fir Tree" inside for the last 5 years.  When the sprout was given to me it was only about 2 inches tall.  Look at it now.  I thought I would plant it outside this year but then decided against it until next year.  It is so special I would never want to lose it. So I will pamper it for another year. 
For the last couple of years we have been seriously thinking of buying a new vechile.  My sweetie's Chevy truck is getting old with over 250,000 miles on it and my Ford Focus is just a small run around car for me.  So with our upcoming trip we finally decided on a
 "Town and Country Touring Stow/N/Go,  Mini Van". It is so nice to ride in.  We have taken it now on a couple of  short trip and this one in the photo was to Frankenmuth Michigan.  We had stopped so I could admire a Pussy Willow tree in bloom and before I got back in I took this photo of our new van.  

So I need to forget about all the computer woes and start focusing on planning our trip.  My goodness it is only a little over 2 months and we will be on our way.  I am very excited to visit this special place.  I wish you all a very wonderful month.



Heather said...

Judy... it is so nice to have a post from you.... when you post, you really post, LOL! You are doing such a great job in learning the needle lace... can't wait to see more! I love the tatted hearts, and your perfect colour, they are so delicate looking. The gifts you have made for your grand kids are so cheerful, I am sure they will love them. Nice to see your garden in bloom... mine is not yet, but I am thankful this year to have an early spring, especially for us... your van looks lovely, it will be very comfortable for your trip to PEI... by the way, speaking of PEI, you're welcome for your card, VBG! Forget your computer woes.... we love to see your posts. Hugs!

umintsuru said...

Hi Judy,

Just dropped by for a visit. Your magnolia tree is lovely and your Alaska fir tree is so precious. I especially love the Overwrought Victorian Heart Patty tatted for you!! The lace pieces from Brugge are so pretty.

acornmoon said...

Hope all is well, I love your magnolia tree.

How exciting to have a wonderful trip to look forward too.

Kayla coo said...

Hi Judy,
I find lace very interesting,especially vintage which I love to collect.
Your Magnolia looks wonderful against that bright blue sky.x

Elspeth said...

Judy, so much to see this morning. Lovely needlelace, and tatting [your gift]. The magnolia tree is beautiful as well. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful treats and thoughts.

Anonymous said...
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Maureen said...

Judy,your post brought back memories of a fabulous chicken dinner in frankenmuth in the late 1960s , we were visiting my family in Canada and had gone into the US to stay a few days near Dearborn, the family there took us out for lunch, boy it was a long drive but worth it.


Just popped over to say "hello" ... and thank you so much for your lovely comment about my Erosion Bundles. So sorry it's taken me a while. I've only just finished cottage stuff and have a little time to visit everyone :o)

Sorry to hear about your computer woes and hope you get them sorted out soon. Your work is lovely Judy :o)

Hope you had a lovely weekend
Carolyn xo

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