Friday, June 19, 2009

Royal Mail and Truly Lovely Roses and Peonies

This week my much anticipated package from the UK Royal Mail arrived. I was so very excited to open it. When opening the brown paper package I found the items I bought were wrapped so beautifully. A few weeks ago I discovered Karen Ruane blog, called Contemporary Embroidery. Karen creates amazing lovely embroidery buttons, brooches and Prairie Dolls along with many other creations. I lived in Oregon for sometime and always admired the Prairie Dolls I saw in the Mission Mill Museum in Salem. I bought the pattern many years ago but never took the time to make it up. But the pattern I have is nothing like the truly beautiful "Prairie Doll" I bought from Karen. I reckon I need to create a Prairie Doll for my grand daughter, I think she would love it.
Here is a photo of "My Prairie Doll" along with the brooch and two buttons I bought. The embroidery and cross stitch work on everything is truly beautiful. Karen also sent along several of her very creative business card which were very impressive and creative too. Thank you Karen I am very pleased with all my lovely creations I have bought from you.

This photo shows an up close of the wee cross stitched hat on the Prairie Doll.

This photo shows an up close photo of the two embroidery buttons and brooch. They are very unique and I love them.

This photo shows an up close of the stunning stitching on the skirt part of the Prairie Doll's dress.

I am so happy I took some photos of my garden yesterday because last night we had thunderstorms rumble through our area and today they look a bit battered. This photo is of my Peony Bush in my front garden. Truly Truly lovely.

Oh, how I love Peonies. This is an up close of my Peony, you could just drink up the lovely aroma of this gorgeous flower.

And these are the first photos of my Prairie Princess Roses this year. Aren't they truly beautiful. I have to give my sweetie full credit for all his diligent work everyday trying to keep the pesty deer away so my lovely roses would bloom this year. I love and appreciate all the wonderful things he does for me everyday. Thank you "My Dear Hubby"!!!

Here is a wonderful photo of a single bud of my Prairie Princess Rose, This rose is a Dr. Griffith Buck Rose I ordered three summer ago from Chamblee's Rose Nursery.

Oh, how truly beautiful is this single Prairie Princess Rose. Perfect in every way. My New Dawn Climbing Rose who is so glorious at the moment it is reaching way above the trellis toward the heavens. It is full of countless blooms and they will be blooming soon. There is NO way the pesty deer will eat these buds. Yipppppeeeeeeeeee I hope you all enjoyed another walk in my June Front Gardens. I have truly enjoyed chatting with you all. I would enjoy reading any comments you may have. Have a great weekend to all my visitors around the world. And Happy Father's Day to all the gread dads out there.



karen said...

Hi Judy. I am so happy you are pleased with your things and very relieved that she has survived her transatlantic journey apparently unscathed! Enjoy!
Your garden looks beautiful, don't you just love roses. You would get on well with my mum, she is an obsessive gardener.

Miss 376 said...

I am so jealous, lol. I love Karen's work, it's all so beautiful

Heather said...

Judy, the doll and buttons are absolutely delightful... aren't prairie dolls just the cutest - I used to have a couple, but now that I think about, I don't know whatever happened to them, they were made from hankies. Your peonies and roses are delicious - my peonies are still sitting at about one inch of the ground - very jealous, VBG! Hugs.

TattingChic said...

How sweet! That is such a lovely gift. :)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

HELLO KAREN,Yes your package made it trip in great shape and I really love everything. Thanks for the lovely comment on my gardens. I reckon I would get on with your MUM very well. I would love to see her garden. Hugs Judy

Hello Jane, Yes, I am very excited to have some of Karen's lovely creations. Hugs Judy

Hello Heather sooo great to hear from you. Yup. I love Prairie Dolls how great that you had two of them. This is my first and I plan to treasure it forever. Hopefully your peonies will really start growing and bloom once the sun start shining up there in the Far North!! Hugs Judy

Hello Tatting Chic, Thanks for visiting and leaving your lovely comments. Hugs Judy

Lyn from Melbourne,Australia said...

Judy the Prairie doll is just so sweet so fresh and uplifting, and of course your blooms divine as always, peonies my mothers favourite. love Lyn.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Judy - love your flowers! Your roses and peonies are just lovely!
And your treasures are wonderful too - the prairie doll is just too cute!

Maggie R said...

Hi Judy,
What a lovely gift. I have not heard of the Prairie Dolls. At first glance i thought it was Russian.....
Your flowers are just gorgeous.,,
I Love the color of your peonies....My peonies are a deeper rose but any color are so beautiful.

Maureen said...

Your garden is looking wonderful, hope the deer are keeping away!

mrsmstweet said...

Hi I was wondering if there are different Prairie Princess rose bushes because I found these and they look a little different. They are not as full in the middle and have a bit of yellow on the inside. Do your roses look similar?

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